My Thoughts On: Yuri!!! on ICE Episodes 7-12

My Thoughts On: Yuri!!! on ICE Episodes 7-12

I finished this show last night at about 1:40 am. I was determined to finish it so I could write this, but I was also reluctant because that would mean I couldn’t watch it for the first time anymore.

This show exceeded all expectations I had. I’d heard about it sometime in early October before it was aired. I read the description, but it didn’t strike me as something I would love to watch. I would see posts about it on Twitter for months, but I generally ignored it all. Then in December, my friend decided to start it and convinced me to watch it. I didn’t start it until the beginning of this month, but once I did, I knew I made the right decision.

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Top 5 Studio Ghibli Films

Top 5 Studio Ghibli Films

Ah, the wonderful, mystical, world of Studio Ghibli.  Though most watch these movies for nostalgic purposes, I only began watching these last year, and I quickly realized how amazing they are. I’ve even watched enough to give a top five list!

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My Thoughts On: Yuri!!! on ICE Episodes 1-6

My Thoughts On: Yuri!!! on ICE Episodes 1-6

Oh, of course. The show that has blown up my Twitter feed, whether it be voice actors of the show, fans, or bloggers. So, many people have exploded over this show. At first, I didn’t understand. “It’s just another sport anime,” I thought. And then I remembered, “Oh wait, this is the one sport I like. I guess I’ll try it.” And, boy was that a great decision.

I’m doing this in two parts because I just can’t wait until I’ve finished it to begin talking about it. I’ll probably have another post in between this one and the second part.

So, I started the first episode on January 4th, and within the beginning bit and the opening, I fell in love with it already. And my god, the opening blew me away. I’ve had the screenshot-42screenshot-45
song stuck in my head since I watched it, and that’s not even really what I love about it. The art style chanscreenshot-44ge is impressive, and the amount of movement for something like that is rare.  Most openings consist of already made footage, still images, and simple running or walking.  They made a whole routine out of it, and that’s incredibly impressive, and adding the fact that they change from one art style to another is really interesting.  I couldn’t tear my eyes away for two seconds to continue the dinner I was eating.

Enough with that, though, I want to talk about the first “competition” we see. And yes, I’ll talk about art again because that’s what I noticed.  If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m obsessed with anime art, and this show’s art is becoming one of my favorites.

What I noticed in the first “competition” between both Yuris, was that they have this distinctive way of movement that is unique to each of them.  And the way they animated it made it very evident to me. Though I understand the tracks chosen for each of them was supposed to contradict their instinct, they still managed to have their own style to it.  Yuri Plisetsky has a more fluid way of movement, making one move swiftly transition into the next.  This compliments the type of body he has, which is more thin and flexible.  I know this seems a bit weird, talking about their body type and the way they move, but I think it was important as to why the animators chose to animate them this way. Yuuri Katsuki is stockier and not as flexible, so his movements are stronger and bold rather than swift.  Which is fine, and it doesn’t exactly mean that I don’t enjoy watching his routines as much as Plisetsky’s.  This makes them very different, which makes it difficult for me to choose who to root for honestly.  They are both incredibly talented, and with being so different, it’s hard to compare.

Yeah that was probably boring, talking about animation style and body types.  But it really makes sense when they did it this way. Though it seems as though Plisetsky would have a harsher way of moving due yuri2to his personality, that’s not the reality of it. And you would think that Katsuki would have a more gentle style due to his insecurities and lack of confidence, but he’s very strong and sharp instead.

I think this was why those tracks were chosen, to reveal they way they truly skate, even if they didn’t think they could do it.  I say this because even when showing their individual practice, their style remains.

I feel I may be thinking too deeply about this, but this was seriously what was going through my head all of episode three.

As for the rest of the show, I think it’s hilarious, along with inspirational and just all around enjoyable.  The dialogue is very emotional when it needs to be serious, and just awkward enough for me to laugh out loud when the rest of my family is asleep.

So, when I wrote the beginning part of this blog, I had only watched up to episode four, I believe. Now I’m through episode six, so things have changed a lot.  Before anyone asks me about “shipping,” I will tell you that, yeah, I think



that the relationship between Victor and Yuuri is cute.  I’m not generally one who has gay ships, but I like this one.  I believe I have about three in total, so that tells you something about me I guess. And I don’t have any problems with people who only ship those types, in fact, you could ship a character with a wall and I wouldn’t care. I respect your opinion as long as you respect mine.


Now that that’s out of the way, on to what I noticed during the fifth and sixth episodes.

For one, I miss seeing Yuri Plisetsky as often as we used to in the first three episodes.  I yurihappen to like him a lot, I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m hoping to see him more soon. I guess it’s because of his impressive talent at his young age.  And he’s actually the closest to my age. Ooh! You now know I’m somewhere between fifteen and twenty-three. But that’s not important.

Oh, and before you go spoiling anything in the comments, please respect my pace of watching the show. I hate spoilers more than anything so please nothing beyond episode six.

I’ll now talk about Yuuri Katsuki’s development from episode one to episode six.

We know that in the beginning, Yuuri is disappointed with his performance at that Grand Prix competition, and how he had practically given up at that point. And once the video had gone online and Victor saw it, things began to look a little better.  We compare that Yuuri to the one at the competitions, and you can tell by the wayyuuri he acts that he’s a lot more confident in himself. He goes into the competitions with ease and really puts himself into the piece, which makes the same routine over and over again still interesting somehow. Even though in his interview he seems so nervous and shocked by everything, it’s still evident that he feels like he deserves the win.

I don’t know if that was evident to all of you, but I don’t really know what else to talk about besides my initial thoughts. I love this show, and it’s the first sport anime I could get into. And yeah, I actually love the sport part of it, unlike a lot of people watching the show. I’ve been obsessed with everything that’s been happening and I was dying to finish writing this so I can watch episode seven. The whole time driving home today I was thinking about the show. It’s bad because all I ever see is spoilers on my Pinterest account, but yet I still want to look at more pictures.

And let me tell you it was very difficult finding pictures for this, most of the pictures on Google were shipping fanart and I didn’t want to use any of that.

But yeah, we’ll see what I think about the ending, which I’ll probably have done by next Friday or so. I’ll have one other post in between these just so those who didn’t like this show will still have something.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to revisiting this weird and fun show.

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Yuri Plisetsky skating:

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Yuri Plisetsky:

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Sunshine Blogger Award!

Sunshine Blogger Award!

Wow! My second award! And it hasn’t even been a month since I received the nomination for the last one!

I really cannot thank you enough.  Since I started this blog, it’s been a struggle for me in many ways, so seeing the support from so many lovely people is a real boost.

Of course, I need to thank the person who nominated me for this, Inkling Infornography. He does movie, anime, and book reviews, so you should go check him out.  And, his website is Splatoon inspired, which coincidentally, is one of the only video games I’m half-way decent at.

Now, on to the rules of the nomination:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions they ask in their blog post
  • Nominate 11 more blogs and write 11 questions for them to answer
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post/blog


  1. If you were making an anime show, who would you choose to handle the soundtrack?
    • Ah, I’m not sure.  But some of my favorite fight scene soundtracks are Soul Eater and Noragami.  For other music, FMA: Brotherhood and Your Lie and April.  No wait, I choose Your Lie in April, that soundtrack makes me nearly cry because of how good it is.
  2. Favorite anime?
    • If you read my post on my top five animes, you already know the answer: Ouran High School Host Club.  I may be bias about it, but I will never cease to find enjoyment in a rewatch of it.
  3. Which movies are you most looking forward to in 2017?
    • Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Beauty and the Beast, Thor: Ragnarok, Logan.  I don’t really watch anything outside of Disney and Marvel honestly.
  4. Do you have any predictions on the upcoming Evangelion movie?
    • Ah, I’ve never watched Evangelion, so I couldn’t say.
  5. What are your thoughts on Rotosccoped animation?
    • I had to look this one up, but of the YouTube videos I watched on it, I think that if the animation stays somewhat cartoony, it’s interesting.  If too many realistic details are added, it becomes creepy.
  6. Who is your waifu?
    • Um, seeing as I’m a straight female, I will change this to the male equivalent.  And in that sense, I’d say Yukine from Noragami.  I don’t know why he’s appealed to me so much, but he’s so sassy and angry but he’s so small it’s cute!
  7. If you could live in any fictional world, where would it be?
    • I’ve thought about this before, and I decided it would be the Fullmetal Alchemist world.  Not only is it in the past, but wouldn’t it be awesome to make things change at your will?  Plus I want to meet all of them.
  8. Favorite Anime Director?
    • I don’t think I have a director I like, but my favorite animation company is BONES.  They’ve made so many of my favorites: FMA, Ouran, Soul Eater, Noragami, Snow White with the Red Hair, and more recently I began Boku no Hero Academia which I love the art for.
  9. English Dub or Subtitles?
    • DUB ALL THE WAY!  Of course, I’ll watch sub, but when FUNimation dubs something, it is most likely I’ll watch the dub.  I have also met three of their voice actors, which makes me feel obligated to anyway.  I have met Vic Mignogna, twice actually, J. Michael Tatum, and Caitlin Glass.
  10. Which Manga would you love to see get an anime adaptation?
    • If this were a question in August I would have said Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice), but that got a movie in September, which I’m still waiting to release in America so I can finally watch it.  But one thing I want to say is I wish Kimi no na Wa was a series instead of a movie.  It would probably take the top of my favorite shows.
  11. Favorite Meme?
    • I don’t think I have a specific one at the moment, but it used to be the Shia Labeof one.

I’ve already nominated almost all of the bloggers I know for an award, so I guess anyone who reads this gets a nomination from me.

My questions

  1. Favorite ship, or ships?
  2. Shoujo or Shounen?
  3. First anime, and if you still like it or not.
  4. Have you ever cosplayed, and where at?
  5. Favorite male character, favorite female character, and favorite transgender/nonbinary character (if you have one)
  6. Are you excited for Attack on Titan season 2?
  7. What show have you rewatched the most?
  8. Do you like Disney, and if so, what’s your favorite movie?
  9. Favorite music genre?
  10. Anime with the best art style?
  11. Your favorite movie of 2016

Thanks for the nomination, and I hope you enjoyed my answers!  My next post was supposed to be a review, but this will have to do for now.  The original post will probably go up at the end of next week.  I have finals coming up, so you’ll have to excuse me for making you wait.

I hope some of you will take the nomination, I just really don’t want to bother so many people again for another award.  I look forward to seeing your answers!