The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award


  • Thank the person who nominated you and answer the 11 questions they have written for you.
  • Nominate 11 people and give them 11 questions to answer.

Thank you to The Maniacal Book Unicorn for nominating me for another award! I really enjoy doing these posts since they’re much more personal and I can let my followers learn more about me. I honestly enjoy these the most, so thank you again for the nomination!

My questions:

1.What is your favorite type of Blog to read?

This seems like a no-brainer. Anime blogs. Though I don’t read them as much as I should, I love reading other people’s anime blogs. Recently, I’ve been reading every Yuri!!! On Ice blog I come across. I know it’s kind of old news now, but there are so many things to say about it and I truly enjoy seeing everyone’s opinion.

2. What is your favorite aspect of blogging?

Probably seeing the comments I get from other bloggers. I like to see what others have to say about my posts. I also have a reason to be watching anime. I’m not “wasting my time” I’m “researching” haha.

3. What is your guilty pleasure?

Yuri on Ice fanart. I’ve been way too obsessed. Someone take my technology privileges away. Even my brothers have been trying to cut me off.

4. What’s your preferred or most used Social Media outlet?

Weirdly enough, Pinterest. I don’t even use it for crafts or recipes. There’s a ton of fandom stuff there and I’ve been using it for about four years for that sole purpose. Though recently I got a Tumblr, which I’m enjoying. If you want to follow me, though I post nothing, my username is eegghhh. Don’t ask why.

5. Which of these-Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Desert- is your favorite type of food, and is there any particular dish that is your favorite from those categories?

Okay, so I’m a picky person. I have been since I was not even two years old. Breakfast has always been my go-to when I visit a restaurant, so I majorly go to diners. And buttermilk pancakes are my favorite. But if I could eat dessert and never have health problems, I’d totally go with that. I have a huge sweet tooth. Probably why I each breakfast foods so much.

6. What is you favorite type of series to binge watch? (Or a series that you have recently binge watched)

I haven’t binge watched anything recently, since I’m trying to even out my anime watching. But I used to binge-watch shoujos all the time. I’d stay up until 2 am on a school night just to watch them. They usually took less than a week to complete, and one I finished in a day. But that was when I was sick. It was Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride), which was pretty cute.

7. Where would you want to go on a dream vacation?

Rome. Please. I love looking at the pictures of the old ruins and temples to the gods. I would love to just wander around and look at all of it. Or Athens, Greece. Either of those two. I love learning about mythology, so seeing those places would be a dream come true.

8. Is there anything that you collect? If not, is there anything that you used to collect or that you would like to start collecting in the future?

Posters, anime T-shirts, Japanese soda bottles and candy wrappers, tags from anime merch, and mangas. It wasn’t ever intentional for them to be a collection, but I get scolded by my friends any time I buy a poster or shirt. The Japanese snack containers was just because I thought the little chibi fruits on the soda bottles were cute. I have a whole shelf of them.

9. Where do you prefer to find book/anime/movie/game recommendations?

I find most on Pinterest or they are recommended by friends. The anime I’m watching now is pretty much all from friends. The book series I found on Pinterest through fanart. (It’s the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, if you like sci fi and fairy tales, you’d adore this series, as I do) And the video game I’m playing now was recommended by a friend. (The Wolf Among Us, another fairy tale-based premise. It’s super cool, and it’s good for me because it doesn’t require actual gaming skills)

10. Give a random fact about yourself.

I may have mentioned that I’m in school. I’m actually still in high school. I don’t know if that was obvious in my writing style, but yeah. I’ve noticed that most bloggers I talk to are older than me, which honestly was surprising to me since I’d assumed most people who enjoyed anime as much as me were younger. I was being secretive about my age, but honestly I don’t think it matters all that much. I think it may have been obvious in my cosplay pictures, but nobody said anything.

11. What is a book/anime/movie/game that you wish everyone would read/watch/play at least once?

I honestly don’t know. I could be annoying and say it be the story I’m currently working on, but that’s shallow so I won’t say that. Um, I really enjoyed Orange, as I said in my most recent review. I thought it dealt with depression and social anxiety well, which I have personal problems with. That would be one. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one I will always love. And though I know a ton of people watch it anyway, it’s still a major recommendation. I mean, I’ve watched a lot. I used to read all the time, which I’m getting better at. Oh, I’m reading a webcomic called Space Boy, which you can read on LINE’s Webtoons. I was bingeing it just a couple hours ago and it has some really nice art and symbolism. I know I’m rambling, but yeah.


Again, thank you for the nomination.

My nominations:

  1. MaeBerry Cosplay
  2. Infinity and Beyond
  4. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero
  5. The Odd Ramblings of Wolfe
  6. simple Ula
  7. Resonance
  8. D Talks Anime
  9. Inkling Infornography
  10. Manga Toritsukareru Koto
  11. Plain Pasta and Plain Rice



  1. Do you prefer animated movies or live action movies? And why?
  2. What/who introduced you to blogging?
  3. Do you enjoy fanart or fanfictions more? And of what? (specific show/book/game or general topic)
  4. Are you a dog or cat person? Or something else?
  5. Do you still have cable or do you pay for another service? Or do you just not watch TV?
  6. What character do you most relate to?
  7. Would you travel to space if given the chance and it wasn’t a fortune to travel there?
  8. What movie are you most looking forward to or were happy you got to watch this year? (idk how to word that)
  9. What type of dessert is your favorite?
  10. Are you a morning or night person?
  11. Do you still collect DVDs/books/CDs or do you buy digitally?

They’re kinda random, but I suck at coming up with questions.

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Thank you for sticking around for all of my rambling! You guys are awesome! And there’s 37 of you! That’s absolutely insane to me. I thought I’d never get anywhere, especially because of my age, but I’m astonished. It may seem like a small number to you, but to me that’s giant. I cannot thank you all enough for dealing with me. I love all of you.


Review: Orange

Review: Orange

I’ve seen some mixed emotions about this show, but personally I thought it was very good. I felt that the themes were well executed, though the time travel aspect may not have been focused on as much as I would have liked, and the ending left me with some questions still.

The basic concept is that Naho Takamiya, a high school student, received a letter telling her about a tragedy that would be taking place that school year. It had been sent from herself ten years in the future, warning her of the decisions that could be the cause of the tragedy taking place.


(left to right) Hagita, Azusa, Naho, Kakeru, Suwa, Takako

The letters gave her the specific events that would occur that she needs to change, and although she didn’t always do as the letter told her, she made an effort to listen and change the future.


Personally, I liked all of the main characters. I thought that their wide range of personalities fit with the way the show was paced. Like most shows, each character had their own defining trait, Naho being shy, Kakeru being reserved, Suwa being athletic and confident, Hagita being intelligent, Takako being polite, and Azusa being outgoing. The dynamics worked well enough.

One main complaint about this show I’ve seen is the dialogue and the impracticality of the way the characters reacted to situations. I will agree the dialogue sometimes got a little cheesy, and some moments, you wanted to pick the character up, put them where they need to be, and tell them exactly what to say. But I feel there are a lot of shows I truly enjoyed and still enjoy that had some of these flaws.

You ready to hear my true problem with this show? After this will be only positives, so get ready for my negative.

future gang

Future Naho, Hagita, Takako, and Azusa

The way the “time travel” was explained. Honestly, it wasn’t. You see throughout the course of the show, their teacher explaining the theory of multiple universes with different outcomes (It reminds me of Steins; Gate with that one), but nothing more than that. We the viewers just need to accept that this is the theory that is reality in the world of this anime, and that the letters sent to the characters was done through this thought in mind. The future versions of our main group somehow remembered this lesson from ten years ago, and went with it. The letters were sent, and I feel I can say this without it being too much of a spoiler. There really aren’t many ways to send a letter in the past. They somehow found a black hole in their normal Japan, and stuck them in. Don’t ask me how, this was literally the only explanation.

Okay, I’m done with that. The only other thing bothering me is the lips of the art. But that’s minor, I got used to it.

Positives! It was an emotional ride. I sometimes like it when a show brings me to tears, because it tells me just how much I care about these characters. It honestly isn’t a bad thing in my eyes. Some shows not even meant to be sad have made me cry. But anyway, there were plenty of feel-good moments, and plenty that made you want to curl up in a ball and cry, like I did.

The relationships within the show were pretty developed for how many main characters there were and how short the show was. By the end of the show, all of them grew closer together because of what they went through together to stop the tragedy from happening.

And, of course, there was a romantic tension between the two main characters: Naho andnaho and kakeru Kakeru. Of course, they have some cute moments, I’m not going to lie. They really never move further than being close friends, which honestly is for the better. The show would have lost sight of the end goal if they began focusing on their romances.

The letters had told them about something that was going to happen to Kakeru, and they contained some of the events that occurred that could have led to this happening. Naho manages to change most of the events, and in turn, hopefully changing the future. She isn’t perfect though, and becomes too nervous to fulfill the duty she was given in the letter. Some say this was a flaw in the anime, that she didn’t do what the letter blatantly told her to do, but in my personal experience, I would have done the same thing as her in some situations. I don’t consider myself to be a social butterfly, in fact, I’d be the total opposite. I too have thought I could do something, but when the time came, chickened out or couldn’t manage to open my mouth to say the words I wanted to say. I’m on Naho’s side with most of GROUP HUGher decisions.

Something I love about this show is that they made depression and anxiety a major theme throughout. This is something I personally suffer from, so it was a bit refreshing to see it heavily influencing the plot in a show. Kakeru has been inflicted with a serious form of depression even in the beginning of the show, and he has a difficult time dealing with it. Naho seems to have a sort of anxiety, due to her fear of saying something wrong, so she says nothing at all. The other members of the group can see that they are dealing with some serious problems, and try their hardest to support them.

Overall, I thought this show was strong with its characters and themes, though some of the specifics were lacking. I definitely feel you should experience it, even if just for the talk of serious mental problems many people suffer from. I appreciate that a show like this exists.

Thank you for reading my review! I haven’t posted in a while, sorry about that. I’ll try to be more consistent from now on.

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