[OWLS Blog Tour: Diplomacy] Is Violence a Solution?: Yona of the Dawn

[OWLS Blog Tour: Diplomacy] Is Violence a Solution?: Yona of the Dawn

This month’s word is “diplomacy.” When given the topic, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to write about something this month, as most shows I watch don’t tend to have something like this as the focus. At first, I considered talking about the lack of diplomacy in Tokyo Ghoul, but I was beat to the topic. Then I thought through the anime I was currently watching and this lovely show came to mind.

I’ve only seen twelve episodes of Yona of the Dawn, but I think I have just enough information to make this post work. So bear with me, those who have seen all of it or have even read the manga.

This post is going to focus on the differing leadership roles in Yona of the Dawn, between the two kings and the clan leaders, and even how Yona struggles with her morality. Is violence a reasonable solution to problems? Or does it only cause hurt?

Two Kings of Kouka Kingdom

Yona’s father, King Il, was known for being peaceful. He had a strong hatred of violence. Any time one of those working for him brought up the thought of war, he shot the idea down immediately. He felt peace was the only option, and that any act of violence would only cause harm to his kingdom. Though, in reality, it made the kingdom suffer greatly. The people of his kingdom were vulnerable to attack, so if another kingdom were to become restless and decide to ambush, they would be doomed.


Then came along Soo-won, Yona’s cousin. He outright murdered King Il to take Kouka’s throne by force. He had known the other options for coming to power, but he chose the most direct and bloody option. It was a possibility that he marry Yona, and become a successor to the throne, as he was also part of the family by blood. But killing the king would not only ensure him a throne and power, but also revenge.

It is a rumor that King Il killed his brother, though even I’m not entirely sure if there is truth to it. King Il was clearly opposed to violence, though we aren’t sure of his full reasoning. If he really did kill his brother, I wonder what the reason would be, and how he could live a lie in front of his entire kingdom.


King Il’s reign came to an end by death. They lost their king and their princess at once, since Yona decided it would be better to flee. Soo-won took over, running everything very differently from his uncle. The clan he decided to work with is known for being forward and rash. As I will discuss in this next section.

The Wind and Fire Clans

Actively, the Wind and Fire clans hate each other. And in that, they each have a different way of dealing with each other. The Fire clan is prone to planning and pulling through with a sneak attack on the Wind clan. Going so far as cutting off all resources from making their way to the Wind clan people. They’re brutal, cutthroat, when it comes to getting what they want. The Wind clan is very passive, not desiring an engagement with the rivaling clan. This may be due to General Mundok’s direction. He seems to believe things will work itself out. He doesn’t want to put others in danger by sending them out to take care of the Fire clan people attacking his clan. The problem here is that the Fire clan is unlikely to retreat even if the Wind clan ignores them. Something must be done to save their people.


The aftermath of the Fire clan’s attack

The leaders are the two extremes. What’s needed is something in the middle. A leader willing to send out troops when needed, but only when it’s absolutely necessary.

Princess Yona

Even Yona must weigh her decisions when it comes to being diplomatic. When she and the others are on their journey, she decides she wants to learn how to use a bow. But with that, she must also learn to harm or possibly kill other people. She grew up with her father’s ideals, so it’s in her nature to automatically be against hurting another human. But her desire to learn a skill that would be useful in their mission overrules the tradition she grew up with.


When Hak, her childhood friend and guard, allows her to practice her archery, he explains what using her bow would mean. He asks her how she feels about bringing pain to another person, and she said she would hate it. But if it were a step closer to her goal, she would still do it. Hak then has her open fire on him, and it takes a few tries before she grazes his face with an arrow. This was all to get her used to aiming at another human. She felt horrible for hurting her friend. It was necessary to learn how to deal with the guilt of hurting another person if she is truly passionate about what she wants.

Final Verdict

Though I’m a firm believer in talking problems out civilly, violence is inevitable. We can’t stop violence. It’s a constant in our lives. People aren’t stable, they aren’t perfect, and make wrong decisions. People groups fight all the time, like the clans do in Yona of the Dawn. Ambushes like the ones shown in the anime still happen in our world. It doesn’t make them right, but they happen. Sometimes things can work out for the better this way, unfortunately.

Corrupt leaders also have been a constant throughout the world’s history. Leaders who think their ideals will only help their people can hurt them horribly, as King Il’s ideals did. Maybe Soo-won’s overthrowing the kingdom can help the people in Kouka. I’m not sure, as I stated that I’m halfway through the anime. It was clear that many people working in the castle did not agree with Il’s decisions, and it was causing other kingdoms to plan on targeting them. They were weak without a way to fight. In the case of a nation, yes, violence is needed. If your nation is not prepared, and another nation becomes violent, your nation is doomed. It would be better to fight and save some more innocents than to lose some trained fighters who are willing to fight.

And lastly, Yona. Though I’d love to say that she could just be the voice of reason and help out in more verbal ways, I think she’s perfectly suited to fight alongside the others. After all, Yoon has the role of leader and medic down. Plus, it’s always cool to see a princess able to fight. I’ve seen enough of the helpless princesses, though nowadays there aren’t too many of those. Good job, Disney. Back on track, in the scenes where Yona is practicing her archery, it’s clear how desperately she wants to be useful. If hurting the people who are harming her mission is her use, then so be it. It’s either them or her.


This post was so hard, I generally don’t think much about this things when watching a show. And it’s even worse that I’ve only seen half of my source material, so I’m sorry for those who have seen/read more than me. But this encourages me to watch more! And possibly read the manga, I’m not sure what other information that provides.

I hope you enjoyed this post! It was a challenge, but also a lot of fun!

Make sure you read Hazelyn from ARCHI-ANIME‘s post before me, and Kat from Grimm Girl‘s post after me, and I hope to see you on the next blog tour!

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Youmacon 2017 Cosplay Photos!

Youmacon 2017 Cosplay Photos!

If you follow my Twitter, I’m sure you saw some updates this past weekend on the con I went to in Detroit, Youmacon. It was my fourth year going, but it was the first time I was able to go all three days, since I now have no high school or college on Fridays. And of course, I wanted to cosplay. The first day, I used my Princess Mononoke cosplay, which I’ve posted about before. The other two days, I used the Tobio Kageyama cosplay I just bought a couple weeks ago. And on that Saturday, I found out about a Haikyu!! photoshoot that was happening, which I ended up attending.

So, I’d say half of this post will just be the Haikyu!! photoshoot, which I’ll start with, then I’ll showcase some of the cool cosplays we saw throughout the con.


Here’s my Kageyama cosplay, I was wearing my glasses, but honestly who doesn’t want a Kageyama with glasses. Also, this was Sunday, and my wig decided to actually work with me unlike Saturday, when we had the photoshoot. Of course.


Haikyu Photoshoot

All the Karasuno cosplayers!


This one was a fluke, but everyone just looked so confused. Hinata had just asked me what to do, I asked the other Kageyama, and Hinata asked Suga. And then I guess I threw my hands up. Nobody knew what was happening for pretty much the whole photoshoot.



I can’t remember what the prompt for this one was, but the model pose Suga in the bottom picture is killing me. And the people in the front were Oikawa, Kuroo, and Kiyoko as some sort of AU, not entirely sure what that was about, but they made for some good pictures.


3 out of 4 Nishinoyas, Tanaka, and Akaashi. And yes, that one Nishinoya was probably over six feet tall. Which I thought was absolutely hilarious.

Screenshot (203)

Setter group photo! I swear when one Suga was lying down, I heard them make a comment about being the prettiest setter and I about lost it.


Seijouh photo! Funny thing, that banner came from the Nekoma cosplayers, and it just fit for the picture. They had been going as Seijouh fangirls beforehand, which I never got to see the cosplays for. They ended up not being in many photos because they were putting those costumes on for more pictures with the Seijouh cosplayers.



Nekoma! I think two Kuroos are a bit much for Kenma.



Fukurodani, though it’s more like Bokuto and Akaashi pictures. That bottom one was the only picture I took out of this whole post besides my selfie.


Oikawas and Sugas. I love this picture a lot I’m not sure why.


Oikawas and Kageyamas. This one was a lot of fun, honestly. Again, I had no idea what to do, but I looked over at the other Kageyama, and copied them. Which, at that point, Oikawa wasn’t looking at me, and then turned to see a fist in his face. I felt bad, but at the same time, it was just funny to see his reaction.



Nishinoya and Asahi. If I could’ve gotten a video of this one, that would’ve been better. Nishinoya ran and sprung up, and then Asahi spun him around.




Sugas! I’m not sure what they were doing in the bottom picture, haha. The Sugas were the greatest, sweetest people. The one in the uniform I saw probably five or so times outside of the photoshoot, and when we couldn’t find the other cosplayers, they went off to find them.


The Nishinoyas. Honestly, all three of them were so good at being Nishinoya, it was quite loud over in our little corner while we were taking these pictures.


Me and the other Kageyama! I was so scared to smile for all of the pictures, so my face looks a little weird, whoops. I’m the one on the right, if you couldn’t connect my picture at the beginning to this one. Also, I had to get some of the pictures on here from the other Kageyama’s Instagram, and here’s the link so I don’t get in trouble.


The moms with the children. When someone said the prompt, I slowly inched my way up there, not sure if I qualified as a “child.” But I guess so.


Nishinoyas, Tanaka, and Kiyoko. Again, not sure what Kiyoko is supposed to be.


Of course, we couldn’t do a photoshoot without including some references



That jacket isn’t even mine, some lady gave it to me and told me to pose with the others, so the confusion on my face is entirely genuine, which only made the picture even better. And I’ve decided I need to get one of the jackets if I continue cosplaying as Kageyama, because it was cold at that convention, and my Yuri On Ice jacket doesn’t quite fit for the costume.


“Yamaguchi nice serve!”


So, that’s all of the Haikyu!! pictures I have. That was quite a bit, but it was so much fun to take those pictures that I had to include all of them for you guys to see.

Other Cosplays

Yeah, there’s a lot of pictures. And there were so many more I didn’t include. But, I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the awesome cosplays! I’m not sure when the next con I go to will be, but I hope I can share some more cosplays here then too.

Also, I said I would have another post out earlier this week, but that didn’t happen. I realized how hard it was to review the anime I was focusing on. I think I’ll still post the review later, but not as a standalone post. It ended up being only about 400 words, and all of my posts are at a minimum 800 or 900. So, next week’s post is my OWLS post, and I think I’ll just post the review a few days before or on that Friday, depending on how quickly I can clean it up.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you next week!

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A Silent Voice: Movie or Manga?

A Silent Voice: Movie or Manga?

I had the pleasure of seeing the A Silent Voice movie at a theater near my house on October 23rd. Now, I’ve read the manga twice, and I’ve written two posts based around the manga. Is it surprising you there’s a third post now?

The question here is whether the movie or manga experience is better. So, here’s my opinion on that. If you don’t know anything about A Silent Voice, I’d suggest you read my first post on it, where I describe the premise of the story.

Let’s start with the movie, and I’ll compare differences with the manga. Obviously, there are bits of story left out of the movie since it’s a bit hard to smash seven manga volumes into a two-hour movie. It’s impossible, actually. If they were to include every detail, it’d either be paced horribly or would be an insanely long movie. So, if you need to know the whole story, your best option is the manga, clearly.

But there are benefits of watching the movie. There were scenes and symbols I didn’t catch in either time reading the manga, but when it was right in front of me in the movie, it all made sense. And the ending of the movie took place in the middle of the last manga, since they couldn’t use the real ending in the movie. They took out one part that spanned over most of the manga, and was part of the ending there. But I definitely like the way the manga ended much better, as it felt more complete.

The movie also is stunningly gorgeous. The manga did not have bad art by any means, but the movie did things that just couldn’t be shown in black and white images. The sign language is the biggest thing, I think. It was easier to understand what Shoko was conveying when her signing was animated, since there are no subtitles of what she was saying in either version. It had such a different, fuller feel to it visually.


“Can we be friends?”

And the music, ugh, was just so pretty. It was mostly piano, and became intense when it needed to be. I think I need the soundtrack like right now. When I saw this movie in theater, I swear I almost cried just from hearing the background music.

I think it’s safe to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie.

The manga, however, gives the full picture. It is more satisfying, I think. And it clarifies a lot of things that could be confusing in the movie. I watched the movie with my dad, and afterwards, I had to answer quite a few questions for him, since I read the manga and he didn’t.

The manga also fleshes out the characters a lot more. There were some characters who were in the movie, but didn’t have much of a solid purpose. Some scenes felt a bit rushed, or glossed over, when in the manga they last two or three chapters. But I feel the things they took out were the right ones.

Like I said in the beginning, this all depends on if you want the meaning of the story, but don’t care much about the specific details, or if you are dedicated enough to read the whole thing. If you just want a simple, two-hour experience, the movie is perfect.

I’m not sure if this really gives much of an answer, but I really just wanted to gush about A Silent Voice again. I have one more post I want to do on this, but I should be finished after that. Just need to express all of my feelings about this series/movie. They’re too great to express in a measly two posts.

A few extra things I just want to say about my movie experience. I had to drag my dad along with me to see this movie, since the theater was almost an hour from my house and it was a school night. And to my surprise, he thoroughly enjoyed it. My dad was really into anime and manga was he was in high school and his early twenties, but hasn’t watched or read any for a while. So I was a bit hesitant to share this with him. He knew very little about it, but he said it was an interesting topic before we went. I was worried he’d think it was too melodramatic or something, but he told me he thought it was deep. We discussed the movie a bit in the car on the way home, and I was beyond ecstatic to see my dad actively talk to me about one of my favorite things. This also really shows that anyone can get something out of it. I genuinely feel that EVERYBODY should experience A Silent Voice at some point, somehow. The topics at hand are relevant now and always will be relevant. Disability, bullying, depression, suicide, friendship, growing up; they’re all heavy topics throughout the movie and manga, and everyone will have to deal with these things one way or another.


They really nailed this scene, sent shivers up my spine seeing it on the big screen.

The other thing, I mentioned on my Twitter. The minute I walked out of the theater, there were two people, signing to each other. And I was just in awe. What kind of insane coincidence is that? I’ve seen people use sign language before, but really not all that often. So to see that after coming out of a movie so heavy in the deaf community, I nearly cried. And, my favorite thing about seeing the movie was watching Shoko and Shoya talking in sign language. It was a totally different experience from reading the manga, where only still images of the motions were shown. It was really the reason I had to see the movie.

Anyway, this post has gone on long enough. Kyoto Animation did a fantastic job with adapting the manga, no doubt about that. But I think the only true experience you can get is from reading the manga.


Pretty anime tears for a beautiful film

Hope you enjoyed yet another A Silent Voice post! I meant for this to go up Wednesday and have another post today but I was just having a weird week. So I think you’ll get a bonus post on Monday or Tuesday when I come back from Youmacon!

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Unique Blogger Award

Unique Blogger Award

I can’t believe this is my fourth award I’ve received since joining WordPress. Never thought I’d be worthy of one. But here I am, and I can’t be more grateful.

This award was given to me by Irina of Drunken Anime Blog, a new friend of mine from the group OWLS, which I’m sure you’ve heard of by now. You should totally check their blog out.

Anyway, let’s get into the rules.

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them 3 questions.

The three questions Irina posed were:

  1. What post was your favorite to write and why?
  2. Is there a subject you would like to write about but haven’t quite figured out how to do it yet?
  3. What was the last random thing that made you happy?

1. What post was your favorite to write and why?

Every OWLS post I’ve written has been a load of fun. I never do anything so intricate and thought-provoking in my normal blog posts, so it’s a challenge for me. They also teach me so much about what I’m good at writing and what I’m not. And the support I receive from my friends is such a confidence boost I generally don’t have.

But that’s probably too vague, right?

My very favorite post I’ve written was [OWLS Blog Tour: Treasure] Accepting Yourself Is Not Easy (A Silent Voice), which was September’s tour post. To this day, I’m immensely proud of the result. It’s the most popular post I’ve written, and I feel it deserves it. I’ve written other posts that I absolutely hated by the time I posted it, and it got far too much recognition. They were not my best work, and I’ve considered deleting them.


This post I poured my heart and soul into. I had written over 1,000 words, I had about two days to finish it, and I decided to completely rewrite it. Best decision ever. I am in love with every word I wrote. I’ve reread it, and smiled. This is rare for anything I write. I’m so hard on myself, and it crushes my confidence sometimes. If a post gets only four or five likes, I feel like I’ve failed. I know I really haven’t I just need to look at what I did there and learn from that.

Sorry for getting so deep and depressing, but yeah. If I were to choose a piece to post as an example of my writing, that would be the thing I’d choose. Another would be LGBT+ Representation in Comics, since I got to share another love of mine to others. And I’m planning on making a second one in the near future.

2. Is there a subject you would like to write about but haven’t quite figured out how to do it yet?

Yes, definitely. I would love to be able to discuss books along with my anime posts, but I put myself in a corner naming my blog only after anime. I’m sure it’d be possible to do book reviews, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how I’d do it. I don’t read as much as I’d like to, but I’ve been reading much more than I have all throughout high school. I’ve figured that webcomics fit okay into my blog, as a lot of them are in an anime style, and I’ve seen other bloggers discuss some. But books are a whole different story.


I’m thinking I’ll redo my site again to allow some different categories, since there are some I don’t use, and don’t need to be there. I can have a webcomics and books category to put those there for people interested.

I also am working on a book myself, and am working on putting together a Patreon. There would be short writings I do, and some information on the characters before it’s released to the public, along with snippets of the book. I don’t know if people will be interested in supporting me if it’s not for my blog, so I guess that’s yet another thing I want to discuss here but am not sure how.

I don’t know if this was the way the question was supposed to be taken, but I hope this was good enough.

3. What was the last random thing that made you happy?

Ah, two things happened on Wednesday that made me super happy. I got a call back from the store I applied to, and I’ll be having an interview very soon. Which is awesome for me, it’s a department store, which was exactly where I wanted to work, at least for the holiday season. I worked at a smaller store, somewhat like a dollar store, for a year but I wanted to expand a little bit. It’s not a career, and definitely not what I want for my future. I’m only seventeen, but for the time being this is something I want to continue doing. When I graduate college, I want to be an English teacher, but we’ll see how that goes.


The second thing isn’t as monumental, but it made my week. So, as you know by my first question response, I’m in love with A Silent Voice. And the theater release of the movie in the United States is Friday. Well, my local theater is only showing it on Monday at 7pm, the time my German class would be getting out. By the time I’d get to the theater, it’d already be half an hour in. I thought I’d have no hope of seeing it, since I’m still a teenager and skipping class to go to a movie is unheard of. I talked to my mom, and she told me that as long as I let her know where I’m at and let my professor know, I could leave early to go. I forget how great my mom is.


Alright, so there were my answers. Now for my nominations and questions.


  1. Brittney
  2. Miandro
  3. Charlie Chatters
  4. Pop Culture Literary
  5. Andrealinia
  6. Rai’s Anime Blog
  7. The Odd Ramblings of Wolfe
  8. Animated
  9. Inkling Infornography
  10. Plain Pasta and Plain Rice

If any of you already have been nominated, just take it as a compliment, you don’t have to participate.


  1. Has there ever been a show/movie/book series that hooked you immediately, or has there been one that took a long time to get into but you now love?
  2. In honor of Halloween, I guess, what’s your opinion on horror shows/movies/books, and why?
  3. What is your favorite genre of all time and why? Or your least favorite if you don’t have a favorite.

Sorry if my questions are lame, I couldn’t come up with much of anything.

Hope you guys enjoyed this bonus post a regular one will be up on Friday, and a little spoiler: it’s about My Hero Academia, but probably not what you think it’ll be. It should be fun.

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[OWLS Blog Tour: “Dreamers”] Nobody Wants to be Forgotten: Noragami

[OWLS Blog Tour: “Dreamers”] Nobody Wants to be Forgotten: Noragami

Hello! I’m back for my fourth blog tour with OWLS!

This month’s topic was a tough one. This month we are covering characters who have dreams, or goals, but fall short of meeting those goals, due to some sort of force stopping them. We’re calling those characters dreamers.

OWLS logo

I thought long and hard about this one, but the answer was staring me right in the face. And I mean literally, I realized how perfect it was when I looked at the poster I have from this anime hanging on my wall.

Anyone who has been following my blog for a while knows how much I love and have talked about Noragami. It was one of those that stuck with me, and I still love it to this day. The artwork, the characters, the soundtrack, the fight scenes, the sentiment, all are this perfect blend I will never forget. And it has some pretty comedic moments as well.

I have also read some of the manga, but I’m going to stick to the anime for simplicity. And I’ll mainly focus on season one for minimal spoilers. There are two minor, vague spoilers of season two, but they were necessary for my points. Unlike most of my posts with OWLS, this one doesn’t require full knowledge of the source.

Though, I want to talk about one character in particular, Yato. Even if you haven’t seen this anime, you may know who Yato is, as he’s generally the face of this show. He’s really not the main character, but the title, Noragami, stray god, is referring directly to him. And I feel he defines a “dreamer” fairly well.

A Stray God

This show focuses on Japanese gods, some directly from Japanese beliefs, and others made specifically for the manga/anime. Yato is not a real Japanese god, but he interacts with some who are.

At the start of the show, Yato is shown wandering along the street, searching for a child’s stray cat. This is what he does as a god. He spray paints his number on walls and train stations, hoping someone will need help with an odd job. He only charges 5¥, or 5¢ for my fellow Americans, for these tasks. With the money he makes, he’s hoping to save up enough money for a shrine, so he can be a real god. Since he was a child (I’m not exactly sure how gods age in this world, but it shows flashbacks of him looking maybe five years old), he’s dreamed of having a big shrine, and millions of followers to praise him for his good deeds.


The problem: he’s invisible to much of Japan. You mention his name to someone off the streets, there’s a 99% chance they will have no idea who you’re talking about.

Nothing But Disaster

Yato was born a god of calamity. His sole purpose in the world was to bring disaster for people. He was a sort of hitman, I guess you could say. He would get jobs to kill people. He was content with his purpose for roughly a thousand years, until the present day of the anime. Something changed in him to make him realize he could bring something better to this world than ending people’s lives.


In the days of his killing, he had a companion who doubled as his weapon, Nora. She is also a stray, as that is exactly what her name means. When Yato left Nora, she became angry with him, and constantly tries to bring him back to his old life. She thinks his new goal of being a good god and bringing joy to people is ridiculous, and she does everything she can to bring him away from his dream.

Though, there are plenty of characters who help Yato with his goal. Hiyori, a girl who can shift between the human world and the god world, Yukine, his new weapon (regalia), Kofuku, the goddess of poverty, and her regalia, Dikoku. All of these people do what they can to help Yato in his mission, but even with their help, it’s hard for Yato to come close to that vision.

I Don’t Want to be Forgotten

I should probably talk about the title of this post, huh? The largest problem with Yato becoming a real, popular god is that people tend to forget him almost instantly. They hire him for a job, but the next day they’ll forget all about who it was who did that job for them. This becomes a huge problem between Hiyori and Yato, since Hiyori is a human still and can forget gods. If Yato is gone for more than a week, her memories of him become spotty. It’s terrifying for Yato, because if there is a time where nobody remembers him, he’ll have no use in the world and will disappear. He knows he must desperately hold onto Hiyori, no matter what, but sometimes his desires for popularity get the better of him.


He has so few followers, unfortunately, and this is constantly on his mind. If only he were to return to his calamity days, he’d be remembered. He considers the option multiple times through the two seasons of the anime, and almost falls under the temptation fully. He’s in a dangerous spot between remaining with the people he’s close to: Yukine, Hiyori, and Kofuku; and rebelling against everything he’s worked for to return to his old ways with Nora. Does he fear being forgotten more than his desire to achieve his dream? I think he does.

The Weight of a Name

This is a slight spoiler from Noragami: Aragoto (Season 2), but it’s a huge point I’d like to mention. Yato is not his real name. It was not the name his father, a powerful figure in the godly world, gave him when creating him. His true name is Yaboku. This seems somewhat minor, but it holds a lot of weight to his character.


Young Yaboku, and his sister Nora

He changed his name to hide his past. To move on and reach for his big dream. Anyone who knew the god Yaboku would never hear the name again. That god was dead. Yato now existed, his purpose the same, to perform undesirable deeds for others. But he was oh so different. Just as his name is.

When written in Japanese, Yato and Yaboku look the same, but depending on what form of Japanese it is, depends on how it’s read. So, kanji or katakana. Same symbols, same purpose. Different reading, different dream.


I tried finding an already existing image showing this, but I had to write this myself. Hopefully I didn’t screw it up, haha. 

What Makes Yato a “Dreamer”

At the point of the ending of the anime, and even how far I’ve read in the manga, Yato has practically no hope of becoming this big, famous god. Heaven hardly acknowledges his existence. They don’t invite him to anything, and he doesn’t have any sort of recognition the other gods have. Nobody prays to him, so he doesn’t receive the tokens people buy for other gods. He has nothing compared to them.

That on top of his 5¥ fee, he will never have a big shrine, or millions of followers, or people tending to his every whim.

But this isn’t all that bad. The gods who have those things have reputations to uphold. There are certain things expected of them. Yato doesn’t have that. He finds joy in just scrubbing people’s showers and finding their lost cats. He loves to be around Yukine and Hiyori. Another small spoiler, Hiyori actually makes Yato a mini shrine, with his name on it and painted and everything. Knowing he’s loved by just her and the others who do believe in him should be enough.


It’s nice to dream about fame and fortune, but sometimes all you need is right in front of you, as it is for Yato.


This was quite a fun one! I was so worried at first that I wouldn’t have something to talk about, but this was perfect! I’m so glad I got to explore this show again, it’s been quite a while since I’ve touched it. If you haven’t seen this show yet, get on it. It’s a fun ride, and the art is just gorgeous.

Make sure you check out the other posts this month too! Before me was Stephanie from Anime Girls NYC and after is Irina from Drunken Anime Blog, so make sure you go read theirs too.

For my regular followers, I’ll be posting a little bit of something special next week. I haven’t done this in a proper post since I started my blog, and I’m excited to share with you! For those only here for OWLS, I should be back for next month’s tour!

Hope you enjoyed this, as I did.

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They Learned it from Somewhere (Anime Teachers)

They Learned it from Somewhere (Anime Teachers)

Anime has given us some of the most well-known heroes in pop culture. But heroes are not born, they must be taught and train to be great. And to be taught great things, they must have great teachers.

I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while, and this week I didn’t have anything to review, so here we are. I really wanted to do this since I actually want to become a teacher in the future, and the teachers in anime are sometimes the best characters who are just overlooked.

I’ll be looking at some specific teachers from anime I’ve watched, all of which I adore.

Izumi Curtis (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Edward Elric is one of the most well-known anime characters, but he didn’t become great on his own. When he and his brother were about ten years old, they studied under a very talented alchemist, Izumi Curtis. She and her husband didn’t flaunt the fact she was an alchemist, and ran a butcher shop instead.

She used some interesting techniques to teach her young pupils. She would combat them as she read off alchemy concepts, until they would be able to take her head-on. She also once left them alone on an island to fend for themselves. She didn’t give them any sort of supplies, just each other and an island of resources. After about a week, they learned that they had to kill animals for food, and how to light a fire with a stick and a rock. After a month they learned the phrase “One for all, and all for one” which is a vital part of alchemy. Despite her strange methods, they learned some of the most important things about the art.

When I originally watched Fullmetal Alchemist, I hardly acknowledged Izumi, but after watching Brotherhood, I realized why she did the things she did. If it weren’t for her, neither Ed or Al would be as powerful as they are. There’s only so much you can learn from dusty old books.

Professor Stein (Soul Eater)


I, like a lot of people, love Stein. Yes, he’s pretty insane. As most people are in this show. If you are familiar with the plot of the show, this can actually be used to his advantage. When the Keishin plot to unleash madness on the world, and he gets infected with the black blood that causes it, he just becomes a little crazier than he was before. And since he already knew he was insane to begin with, he used it to his advantage.

Enough about that, though, on to how he’s a fantastic teacher for the characters of Soul Eater.

It’s clear he knows what he’s doing when it comes to teaching young meisters and weapons. Though he doesn’t seem qualified when he rolls around on a desk chair, knocking himself over in the process. Or his daily dissections the class has to put up with. His unconventional techniques may appear strange and concerning on the surface, but the group of DWMA students end up growing immensely under his teachings. He accompanies them on a few missions, but allows them to be independent in planning their attacks.

Koro-sensei (Assassination Classroom)


This guy is probably the last person you’d want teaching your kids if you just look at him. He looks like an alien, and blew up the Earth’s moon, planning to destroy the world soon after. But yet he’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen.

Yes, he wants to destroy everything, but for some reason, he cares deeply about teaching the kids of 3-E how to survive in this world. It’s almost like he doesn’t want to go through with his plan that badly. With his ability to go at a speed of Mach-20, he can teach every student personally, in the subjects they struggle the most with. All of them improve tremendously on their tests after learning from Koro-sensei, and they feel like they have a real future. Without him, they would remain the failures they thought the were, since they were placed in the dreaded “E” class.

Even more than this, he teaches them life lessons, that follow them throughout their time in the class and even in their future lives.

All Might & Eraserhead (My Hero Academia)


How can I talk about the teachers of heroes without mentioning My Hero Academia? And I could have talked about more than just the two, with the mentoring arc, but I’m going to stick with the big two here.

I was initially only going to talk about Aizawa (Eraserhead), but I figured All Might should be a given considering the first five or so episodes of season one. He’s not a teacher of Class 1-A, but he’s still a vital part of every one of them growing stronger.

So, All Might. He’s pretty cool, right? And only the best hero ever, so there’s something. And he turned little, wimpy Izuku into a pretty strong kid. Both physically and mentally. Izuku had been told endlessly how stupid he was for dreaming of being something great, and though All Might was one of those people at first, he realized quickly how determined Izuku was. He knew that teaching him would not be a mistake, and how right he was. All Might now has total faith in Izuku, and supports him through everything. That dedication is definitely something to admire.

Now, Aizawa had quite a different approach in teaching his group of students. If you’ve seen this show, think back to that first lesson. He put each one of them through tests to determine their power level, and the one who did the worst would be expelled immediately. This was supposed to push them all to do their very best, and prove their power right off the bat. But it also instilled a bit of fear into them as well. Maybe not the best for all of them, but some did exceptionally well under the pressure. And then they saw how he had high expectations of them, so they could strive to impress him.

I think Aizawa seemed brutal at first, but quickly proved himself to be an excellent teacher by pushing his students so they could realize their true power. And the ones who did poorly could see where they needed to improve.


I’m sorry for posting this late, things came up yesterday, and I was busy with personal issues for some of today. Everything will be fine, so don’t worry, I will definitely have next week’s out on time, as it’s my OWLS post.

But, I hope you enjoyed this little list. It’s been something I’ve thought about for a while. And though they seemed like obvious choices, I still wanted to write about it a bit.

See you next week for my tour stop of our October OWLS blog tour, focusing on the theme “Dreamers.” Hope you enjoyed!

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My Thoughts On: Haikyuu!! Season 1

My Thoughts On: Haikyuu!! Season 1

If you weren’t aware, I’m not by any means a fan of sports. I can count on one hand the number of sports animes I’ve watched and only half of those I actually enjoyed. But this show, for some reason, is absolutely incredible. I’ve only seen season one, as you can tell by the title, but even when I got maybe five episodes in, I knew I wanted to talk about it as soon as possible.

The way I even started watching this show was my friends over at OWLS are, ah, obsessed with this show. I swear, we can never do anything without the name being spoken. I knew about the series long before this, but had no interest since I kind of don’t like volleyball. I have some bad middle school flashbacks of standing in my spot, watching as everyone else scored all the points. My favorite part was serving, which I was terrible at anyway, and I enjoyed spiking practice but beside that I hated volleyball weeks. So, I’m quite surprised that this show was so good I began to enjoy volleyball. In general, I’m not into sports. As an American, it’s almost assumed I’d be really into football, and most people grow up loving a certain team. Not my family. Every one of us is more worried about comics and the latest Marvel movie than whatever athlete is at the top.

And this would be why I tend to stay away from sports anime. All of the ones I genuinely enjoy have been mentioned on this blog before. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy them if I don’t enjoy sports. This seemed to be the case until Haikyuu!! came around. So, the two previous sports animes I’ve enjoyed are Yuri on Ice (no shocker there) and Prince of Stride. Even with both of those, I was wary. Yuri on Ice I seemed to be able to get into because when I was younger I liked watching figure skating on TV and I was in dance classes through all of my elementary schooling. For those unaware, Prince of Stride is about a variant of track, but with the addition of parkour and small, six person teams thrown into the mix. Though I tried doing cross country when I was in middle school and nearly vomited, I still ended up enjoying this show too. It was unique that it created its own sport. The other animes I’ve tried but failed to get into were Free! and Kuroko no Basuke. I know people will want to have my head for saying that but honestly, I didn’t find myself caring much about the characters winning or losing. I had to force myself to finish season one of Free!, and I could barely get through six episodes of Kuroko. Not saying they’re bad shows, I just couldn’t get into them.

Clearly, I don’t have a positive past when it comes to sport anime. So when I decided I’d start Haikyuu!!, I want to say I sat in front of my laptop for two hours, contemplating if I really wanted to watch it. I didn’t want to hate it and have to explain to people why I didn’t like it. But by the time I finished episode one, I had a feeling this would be a good one. I wanted to watch the next episode so badly. It was the same experience when I watched Yuri on Ice, though I hate comparing the two shows. I love them both, and I think they’re good in different aspects. In all honesty, I think I enjoy Haikyuu!! a bit more, but I couldn’t even tell you why.


Now that my little sports anime rant is over, I’ll get to the actual review.

For those reading who have never watched Haikyuu!!, here’s a little synoposis  for you. You can skip this if you’ve watched it already.

The show begins with a short-statured third-year middle school boy, Shouyo Hinata, watching his idol, nicknamed the “Little Giant.” Seeing someone as short as he is being so successful and respected by the volleyball community inspires him to practice hard and go to a high school with a great volleyball team. Though, the middle school team he is a part of, just kind of sucks. The other boys who make up the team don’t really practice, so Hinata’s on his own to improve. He practices with everyone he can so he can be good enough to make it on a decent team. And in high school, he becomes a part of Karasuno’s volleyball team. The team had been suffering until the new first-years show up, and it gives the team more hope to do well in the coming year.


He’s such a cutie

That’s basically episodes one and two summed up. That’s about it when it comes to a plot. For the rest of the show, it’s mostly just the team improving, facing difficult teams, and trying to win against those teams. Pretty simple.

Though, my absolute favorite part of this show is the chemistry between all of Karasuno’s players. It’s the reason I’ve given my soul to this show. When everyone meets initially, there are players who don’t get along. It’s amazing to see them grow as people and teammates until they can all communicate effectively and do well.

I know what everyone is probably wondering. Who is my favorite? Well, I actually do have an answer, fortunately. I love all of them, but if I do have to choose one, it’d be Suga. I’m not sure why, but he just stuck out to me as soon as he was introduced. By episode three, I determined I loved him the most, and even with all of the characters introduced throughout the season, he remained my favorite. I’m going to say it’s because in my friend group, I’m the most motherly as he is too. Of course there’s more to him that I like, but I’d rather keep this post somewhat short. I’ll get on to the others now.


The others I adore the most are Kageyama, Kenma, Asahi, and Oikawa. So there’s that. I have such a hard time determining my favorites because it’s so easy to like the characters. The way they explain each and every one’s goals and past makes it easy to get attached. It also makes it easy to root for everyone. So when Karasuno doesn’t win I don’t really feel upset. Because the other team deserves to win just as much as they do. It’s such a weird feeling, but I love the fact they were able to make everyone so likable.


This kid, I swear (This is Oikawa for those new)

So, I am in love with this show, and it has pretty much ruined my life now, in a good way. You are definitely going to see more of me talking about this show, though I’m so late watching it. And I’m sorry half of this was just a sports anime rant, I just felt I should explain myself a bit.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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