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30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Four — 03/16/2018

30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Four

I hope you got to check out my 100th post from a little bit ago! It was a lot of work to get through everything I wanted to, and I think it turned out okay. You can read that here.

Favorite Non-Karasuno Character

Well, I already have answered this, twice. Kenma is my favorite, from Nekoma, and Oikawa is also in my top favorites, from Seijoh. And my other favorite two are from Karasuno. Hmm…

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30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Three — 03/15/2018

30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Three

Character you Gradually Warmed Up To

This is actually an interesting one. Especially since he’s one of my favorite characters now. Back when he was first introduced, I thought for sure I’d never like him, but see where I ended up with that mindset.


The character I didn’t like at first but gradually ended up loving is Oikawa Tooru. I’m not sure what it was about his introduction, but he made me kind of uncomfortable. He was sporadic, and I couldn’t tell if he was trying to be rude to not. By the end of the episode, he sort of freaked me out. I thought I’d never understand his intentions and that’s the one thing that annoys me about certain characters. I thought he was a jerk at first. But, after watching the rest of season one, I ended up loving him. That first impression didn’t leave too bad of a bad taste in my mouth, clearly.

Why do I like him now? He’s hardworking, to the point where he sometimes overdoes it. No matter what, he’ll keep it together and stay strong for his team. (Specifically, I’m referring to the end of season two here, but I’ll discuss that in detail during a later day) He jokes around with others to keep things lighthearted, though it may come across as being mean. And, have you seen his serve?? I hold my breath every time.


Oikawa is in my top five characters now, and has been since the end of season one.

I never thought I’d ramble about Oikawa, but here we are. I’m having loads of fun doing this challenge so far, and I hope everyone else is enjoying it as well!

I’m kind of in a weird emotional and motivational state right, and this really helps me. I think it has to do with my wonky sleep schedule and the stress of running out of money with no job, so I’ll be sleeping this weekend and I guess driving around to apply places. But I’ll be sure to keep this going as well!

Tomorrow will be my 100th post special first, and then day 4 of this challenge will be up!


30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Two — 03/14/2018

30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Two

I’m so excited to be doing this challenge, it allows me to gush about everything without clogging up a post about it.

Day Two: Character you First Fell in Love With

Sugawara Koushi. He was my favorite for about half of my watching experience. Then it switched to Kenma. He’s still in my top 5 characters now, but I felt since I related to Kenma, I’d change him to my favorite.

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30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day One — 03/13/2018

30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day One

Hmm, clearly I just finished this show since I posted my season 3 thoughts today…so why am I doing this challenge so soon? Simple. I loved doing the 30 Day Anime Challenge I did back in December, and I knew this challenge also existed, so I figure I’d give it a go. I’ll be hopefully starting a job soon and I know I’ll get a bit stressed from that, and I get hard on myself when I don’t post anything. This is a great way to keep posting and have some fun with of my newfound favorite anime!

Day One: Favorite Character

Those who know me well won’t be surprised about this. It’s Kozume Kenma.

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30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Twenty-Nine — 12/29/2017
30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Twenty-Eight — 12/28/2017
30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Twenty-Seven —
30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Twenty-four, Twenty-five, and Twenty-Six — 12/26/2017
30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Twenty-two and Twenty-three — 12/23/2017

30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Twenty-two and Twenty-three

Well, I lied, I meant to not do this doubling up post again, but yesterday was my birthday and I ended up writing my fanfic and doing stuff with my family instead of writing this. But, I’m again making up for it now! It’s very possible I’ll have to do 24, 25, and 26 in one post since I’ll be at relatives’ houses for the next two days and I doubt they want me blogging while I’m there.

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