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30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Twenty-Nine — 12/29/2017

30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Twenty-Nine


This challenge is almost over, and it’s going to be a bit strange to go back to only posting once a week. I’ve learned a lot doing this challenge, which I think I’ll discuss on the last post.

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30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Twenty-four, Twenty-five, and Twenty-Six — 12/26/2017

30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Twenty-four, Twenty-five, and Twenty-Six


Gosh, I was an idiot to choose December for this challenge. There was no way I could keep up with these daily prompts with the holidays happening. But I’ll still do all 30 of the prompts by the 30th of this month. I just had to give myself some slack in it. So, here are the past three prompts all on one day.

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30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Fifteen — 12/15/2017

30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Fifteen


Halfway through! I’m halfway through this challenge now, and I’m impressed with how I’ve been keeping up with it. And I think it’s thanks to the support I get from all of my followers with the views and likes I get. If I saw that nobody was reading it, I would have given up, but seeing how many people look at my challenge posts every day encourage me to push on with it. It’s really hard for me to push myself when it comes to any sort of project, but I’ve been able to and that’s such a huge accomplishment for me. So, thank you.

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They Learned it from Somewhere (Anime Teachers) — 10/14/2017
Top 10 Male Anime Characters — 07/16/2017

Top 10 Male Anime Characters

I did a top 10 of female characters a while back with the full intention of doing this post immediately after, but I guess I forgot about it. Well, here it is now. I’ll have to say this list was much easier to compile than Top 10 Female Anime Characters, for reasons I’m somewhat ashamed of. I’ve realized that when I become attached to a male character, they tend to have one or more of the following traits: short stature, short temper, and blond hair. Which almost every character on this list falls into.

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My Favorite Anime Couples — 02/14/2017

My Favorite Anime Couples

I figured that in honor of Valentine’s Day I would share some of my favorite pairings in anime. I understand that this is a somewhat touchy subject for some, if their favorite isn’t on here, or if I ship a character with someone different that what they feel. But I knew I would talk about it at some point, so why not now? Understand that I will not make fun of any person’s pairing preferences, as long as I don’t get any nasty comments. Thank you, we are all fans of the same fanbase. Be nice! 🙂 Continue reading

FMA: Original vs. Brotherhood — 12/28/2016

FMA: Original vs. Brotherhood

For those of you who have not watched all of either of these, I will leave the beginning portion spoiler-free.  I will warn you on any major spoilers, so I am not held accountable for your frustration.  Now that we have that covered, I will explain myself.

Right off the bat, I’ll tell you that I enjoyed both of these shows.  But, I do have a favorite, after a year of contemplating it.  You probably have a good guess of which one it is, but I’ll explain why I like each one before getting to that.

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