30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Six


I’ve almost made it a full week, guys. I’m thoroughly impressed with myself now.

This post is gonna be more like a list, since there’s no way I can stick to one answer for this prompt.

Anime You Want to See but Haven’t Yet

I’ve got quite a list of anime I want to watch. And I’ve got quite a list of anime I slowly picking away at. Currently, I’m watching about ten shows, and I rarely actually watch anime. Mainly because I’m so caught up in reading fanfics, but I’m trying to even my hobbies out a little bit now.

So, my to-watch list has been growing more and more all the time. Right now, here’s my line-up.

  • Blue Exorcist (Season Two)
  • Hunter X Hunter
  • Wandering Son
  • Hanasaku Iroha
  • Flying Witch
  • Silver Spoon
  • Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Usagi Drop
  • Tsuritama
  • Tsuredure Children
  • Recovery of an MMO Junkie
  • 91 Days
  • WorldEnd
  • KADO: The Right Answer
  • Tales of Zesteria the X
  • Danganronpa
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Welcome to the Ballroom

And it goes on from there, I’m sure of it. Those were just the ones I had saved in watchlists. Just that list alone is almost half the amount of anime I’ve actually finished, and of course this lists will grow as seasons pass. Same as my to-read book list and my Webtoons subscriptions. I’ll never, ever run out of things to watch and read. But I always go to my fanfics, which also has a growing list that will never be completed.

*Sigh* These are first-world problems.

Hope you enjoyed reading my list of anime I’ll probably never watch, and if I do, it’ll be months from now or even years. Like Danganronpa and Cowboy Bebop have been on my list for at least two years now, no joke. It’s a struggle, man.

Yesterday’s post: Day Five

Tomorrow’s post: Day Seven

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Webtoon Recommendations

Webtoon Recommendations

I’ve done a list of LGBT+ comics on Webtoons mainly, but there are plenty of comics I love that don’t necessarily fall into that spectrum. So, here’s just a few of the mass of webcomics I read. I’ll almost definitely do another one of these.

Also, all three of these have absolutely gorgeous art, and I will most definitely be gushing about all of it.

Hooky by Miriam Bonastre Tur


This was one of my very first webtoons, recommended to me by a friend, along with the second comic on my list. I’d say it’s honestly my favorite Webtoon, but my favorite web comic overall is Heartstopper, which I talked about in LGBT+ Representation in Comics.

This comic follows twin witches, Dani and Dorian, who have been enrolled in a magic school, but end up missing the bus. Hence the title of the comic. But this small event ends up spiraling into a mess of problems among witches and those who are unable to use magic. The twins’ parents aren’t all what they thought they were. The twins are being pressured into choosing between their parents’ ways or finding their own place in this world and abandoning their family.

Along with this, the twins meet a princess, Monica, who finds that the prince she’d been engaged to her whole life has been captured and imprisoned. When she’s travelling to find her prince, she finds the twins, and they agree to help her in finding him.

That’s the very basic premise of this story. So much more happens, all that I can’t even think of how to explain without revealing much of the plot. What seemed like a cute little adventure story about little witch siblings turns into a snowball of confusion, trouble, and war. And though sometimes it physically hurts me to read it and watch them handle such big problems, when the oldest main character is only roughly my age, I still love it the most out of all the Webtoons I’ve read.

I wish I could go more in depth as to why I like this comic so much, but I’m assuming you’ve never read it, so I just can’t.

I will go on to say that I love the artist’s style. It has sort of a vintage feel to it, but also like a 90’s anime feel as well. Or something reminiscent of Studio Ghibli. I follow her on Instagram just to see more art in that style. And it’s all just so beautiful.

And she’s so good at making lovable, relatable characters. I believe all of it is written and drawn by her alone, since no other name appears to show otherwise. That is incredible. The comic appeared on Webtoon in 2015, and since then, 128 chapters, or episodes as Webtoons calls them, have been released. At least at the point of me writing this. By the time I post this, there will be 129. All of this content, well-written characters, a complex, but still easy to follow plot, and plenty of twists and more than enough feels. I cannot express how much I love this comic. I would love to go on, but I have two more beautiful comics to showcase.

Space Boy by Stephen McCranie

space boy cover

Another one of my first Webtoons, and one I have almost just as much dedication to as Hooky. They’re two completely different comics, though, so I shouldn’t compare them. And I understand that some people would prefer this one over Hooky, due to genres, and that’s totally okay. Exactly the reason why I’m talking about more than one comic here.


This one is a sci-fi comic, taking place in a time where humans are inhabiting other planets and launching missions that take generations to reach their destination. There’s something deeper to that, but I’ll let you find out specifics for yourself.

The story follows a high school girl, Amy. She lived on a mining planet, where her studies focused solely on math and science so she would eventually become a miner like everyone else on her planet. Until her father gets let go, and her family must travel back to Earth to find a better life. Which takes 30 years. She must leave her friends behind, and become cryogenically frozen for 30 years until she reaches her new home.

She has to adapt to the new environment, and the new time period. She has to learn subjects with students younger than her due to the lack of focus on them on her own planet.

It’s difficult, but she makes her way and finds friends. One of which is a strangely distant boy named Oliver. Nobody knows anything about him. He wanders around the school’s campus, only to show up to his art class, but hardly anybody acknowledges his existence. Due to Amy’s overwhelming curiosity, she approaches him and ends up befriending him.

Much of the story is revolved around their growing relationship and why Oliver seems to be so distant from other people. It’s a pretty complex plot as well, taking a lot of twists I didn’t expect in the beginning.

Lumine by Emma Krogell


This comic caught my eye due to the art style. I love the way it’s colored and it is reminiscent of anime. The characters just look so cute, so of course I decided to read it.

In this world, there are witches, and also werewolves. It’s a very modern sort of world, unlike the one in Hooky.

The story follows a young werewolf, Lumine, who ends up being kicked out of his old home, and he wanders around, getting into fights, until he can find someone to take him in. He meets a witch his age, Kody, and desperately tries to become friends with him so he will have someplace to live. Eventually, Kody’s father does agree to keep Lumine in their home, as long as Lumine acts as Kody’s bodyguard.

Lumine follows Kody to school, but sits outside of the classes since he’s not a student. He meets some of the people Kody knows, and learns that Kody is not treated kindly. He has a special power that is unlike most witches’ powers, so the other witches at his school pick on him. Lumine is trying to investigate who is doing this, and why they would want to bully Kody.

This story is beyond cute, but the bullying aspect is something that is very reminiscent of our society. People who have something just slightly different about them get teased and it’s sad to watch. Nobody should be attacked for something they cannot control. That’s what this webcomic is really about.

I hope you enjoyed this list, and let me know if you want to see more Webtoon recommendations! I have plenty of them, and I’ll be limiting each list to only three, as I think that’s a good amount and allows me enough room to talk about each to their extent. Of course, any LGBT+ comics will be limited to those lists, but everything else will be in these.

I tried to limit these to somewhat popular webtoons, but ones that weren’t plastered all over the main page. I’ve read only a few Discover comics, one I’m putting on the LGBT+ list, and the others aren’t far enough along for me to write about.

Hope you enjoyed this list!

All photos shown are not mine, I am only showcasing the art of the artists as a means of explaining my points. Please don’t sue me.



Space Boy


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They Learned it from Somewhere (Anime Teachers)

They Learned it from Somewhere (Anime Teachers)

Anime has given us some of the most well-known heroes in pop culture. But heroes are not born, they must be taught and train to be great. And to be taught great things, they must have great teachers.

I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while, and this week I didn’t have anything to review, so here we are. I really wanted to do this since I actually want to become a teacher in the future, and the teachers in anime are sometimes the best characters who are just overlooked.

I’ll be looking at some specific teachers from anime I’ve watched, all of which I adore.

Izumi Curtis (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Edward Elric is one of the most well-known anime characters, but he didn’t become great on his own. When he and his brother were about ten years old, they studied under a very talented alchemist, Izumi Curtis. She and her husband didn’t flaunt the fact she was an alchemist, and ran a butcher shop instead.

She used some interesting techniques to teach her young pupils. She would combat them as she read off alchemy concepts, until they would be able to take her head-on. She also once left them alone on an island to fend for themselves. She didn’t give them any sort of supplies, just each other and an island of resources. After about a week, they learned that they had to kill animals for food, and how to light a fire with a stick and a rock. After a month they learned the phrase “One for all, and all for one” which is a vital part of alchemy. Despite her strange methods, they learned some of the most important things about the art.

When I originally watched Fullmetal Alchemist, I hardly acknowledged Izumi, but after watching Brotherhood, I realized why she did the things she did. If it weren’t for her, neither Ed or Al would be as powerful as they are. There’s only so much you can learn from dusty old books.

Professor Stein (Soul Eater)


I, like a lot of people, love Stein. Yes, he’s pretty insane. As most people are in this show. If you are familiar with the plot of the show, this can actually be used to his advantage. When the Keishin plot to unleash madness on the world, and he gets infected with the black blood that causes it, he just becomes a little crazier than he was before. And since he already knew he was insane to begin with, he used it to his advantage.

Enough about that, though, on to how he’s a fantastic teacher for the characters of Soul Eater.

It’s clear he knows what he’s doing when it comes to teaching young meisters and weapons. Though he doesn’t seem qualified when he rolls around on a desk chair, knocking himself over in the process. Or his daily dissections the class has to put up with. His unconventional techniques may appear strange and concerning on the surface, but the group of DWMA students end up growing immensely under his teachings. He accompanies them on a few missions, but allows them to be independent in planning their attacks.

Koro-sensei (Assassination Classroom)


This guy is probably the last person you’d want teaching your kids if you just look at him. He looks like an alien, and blew up the Earth’s moon, planning to destroy the world soon after. But yet he’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen.

Yes, he wants to destroy everything, but for some reason, he cares deeply about teaching the kids of 3-E how to survive in this world. It’s almost like he doesn’t want to go through with his plan that badly. With his ability to go at a speed of Mach-20, he can teach every student personally, in the subjects they struggle the most with. All of them improve tremendously on their tests after learning from Koro-sensei, and they feel like they have a real future. Without him, they would remain the failures they thought the were, since they were placed in the dreaded “E” class.

Even more than this, he teaches them life lessons, that follow them throughout their time in the class and even in their future lives.

All Might & Eraserhead (My Hero Academia)


How can I talk about the teachers of heroes without mentioning My Hero Academia? And I could have talked about more than just the two, with the mentoring arc, but I’m going to stick with the big two here.

I was initially only going to talk about Aizawa (Eraserhead), but I figured All Might should be a given considering the first five or so episodes of season one. He’s not a teacher of Class 1-A, but he’s still a vital part of every one of them growing stronger.

So, All Might. He’s pretty cool, right? And only the best hero ever, so there’s something. And he turned little, wimpy Izuku into a pretty strong kid. Both physically and mentally. Izuku had been told endlessly how stupid he was for dreaming of being something great, and though All Might was one of those people at first, he realized quickly how determined Izuku was. He knew that teaching him would not be a mistake, and how right he was. All Might now has total faith in Izuku, and supports him through everything. That dedication is definitely something to admire.

Now, Aizawa had quite a different approach in teaching his group of students. If you’ve seen this show, think back to that first lesson. He put each one of them through tests to determine their power level, and the one who did the worst would be expelled immediately. This was supposed to push them all to do their very best, and prove their power right off the bat. But it also instilled a bit of fear into them as well. Maybe not the best for all of them, but some did exceptionally well under the pressure. And then they saw how he had high expectations of them, so they could strive to impress him.

I think Aizawa seemed brutal at first, but quickly proved himself to be an excellent teacher by pushing his students so they could realize their true power. And the ones who did poorly could see where they needed to improve.


I’m sorry for posting this late, things came up yesterday, and I was busy with personal issues for some of today. Everything will be fine, so don’t worry, I will definitely have next week’s out on time, as it’s my OWLS post.

But, I hope you enjoyed this little list. It’s been something I’ve thought about for a while. And though they seemed like obvious choices, I still wanted to write about it a bit.

See you next week for my tour stop of our October OWLS blog tour, focusing on the theme “Dreamers.” Hope you enjoyed!

(Featured image from Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions)

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LGBT+ Representation in Comics

LGBT+ Representation in Comics

Ever since I watched the insane phenomenon that is Yuri!!! On Ice, I’ve been interested in learning about the LGBT+ community. And to do this, I’ve been scouring the internet for webcomics. And of course, the internet delivers to me to sweetest, most heart-wrenching comics to me. What I have listed below are only ones that I am caught up with or finished with. I have others that are on my “to-read” list, and maybe I’ll talk about those in a future post.

I know this is a bit of a strange post. I have never strayed from anime or manga, and I actually didn’t think I ever would. Though, I felt that this would be great to talk about. I have never shared my love for these comics with anybody else before, and I assure you that I have not been pushed to praise these comics. I genuinely adore them.

Always Human


This was the first LGBT+ comic I read, and I have mentioned it before, during my first OWLS post. Though, I felt that the little nudge was not enough to do it justice.

This comic is available on LINE Webtoon, where you can read a large selection of comics for free. This comic also has been completed.

Always Human was written and drawn by walkingnorth (this is both her author name on Webtoon and on tumblr).

There are countless things I adore about this comic. The very first thing that stood out when I saw the cover and read the description was the artwork. The coloration is a bit like a watercolor painting, and she uses vibrant colors, which only adds to the beauty. Another thing that stood out is that in every episode, or chapter, there was a song that went along with it. Each piece was written specifically for that particular section of the story, and every one perfectly captured the mood. It made the reading experience unique and memorable. Unfortunately, when I read most of it, I couldn’t find my headphones, and was unable to hear much of the soundtrack. Though, I plan on rereading it soon.

Enough of my art ramble, on to the reason I’m bringing it up. The story focuses on 22-year-old Sunati and 18-year-old Austen, two women who meet at a train station. After Sunati spots Austen at the station a second time, she works up the courage to talk to her. Shortly after this, they go on a date, and eventually become a couple.


Though it seems like a simple romance story, there is a bit of a twist. It takes place in a futuristic society, where people can easily obtain things called “mods.” They can heal diseases, change a person’s hair color, maintain a person’s weight, etc. Sunati is someone who relies on mods heavily, as most people do, and she continuously changes her appearance. Austen, unfortunately, is unable to use mods at all due to something called “Egan’s syndrome.”

Much of the plot does not focus on Austen’s disability, which I thought was nice. It’s more about them just being human and in a relationship. They make mistakes, and have to work them out. Just like real people. And the fact of their gender isn’t brought up once.

The world is unlike ours not just because of the mods. Much of the LGBT+ community that would be ridiculed in our world are easily accepted without a second thought. Some things represented are: lesbian, gay, polysexual, asexual/aromantic, genderfluid, and agender.


Rae is Sunati’s best friend and is also aro/ace

It was insane to see so many, honestly. Going in, I had no idea that it would be more than just the main relationship, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

I feel I’ve rambled enough about this one, you really do need to check out out, so here’s a link.



Oh boy. I’ve been obsessed with this comic for the past two months. As in, I’ve reread all of it at least three times obsessed. And it only gets worse every time it’s updated.

This comic is available for free on Tapas, and more of it is available on Patreon if you pay $5 a month. I’m about 60 pages ahead of everyone on Tapastic since I decided to pay, and I get a new page almost every day.

About the author: this comic is written by Alice Oseman, who has written two young adult novels as well and two novellas to accompany the first. All of her stories connect in some way, which I found was fascinating. There is no one way to read them. The comic is her most recent story, but I decided to purchase her first novel, “Solitaire,” and have been reading it just fine. Though, Heartstopper takes place about a year before Solitaire does.


For the most part, the story focuses around two high school boys, Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring. As you can most likely figure out from the list this is on, the plot focuses on their developing relationship. Starting from being classmates sitting next to each other, to teammates on the rugby team, to being best friends, and beyond.


To clear things up, Charlie has the messy black hair and Nick has blond

Besides being a sweet story of two boys falling in love, there are some other themes that are in this story.

In the very first panels of the comic, Charlie is seen with another boy, secretly meeting in the library. This boy is Ben Hope, who claims to be dating Charlie, but on the side is also dating another girl. It’s assumed that Ben doesn’t want to be caught with another boy, but is craving the attention of one. It’s established early on that Ben doesn’t have any real feelings for Charlie, and is only using him. Charlie tries breaking off the “relationship,” but Ben is a complete jerk about everything and doesn’t listen. It quickly turns to be abusive, and Charlie does end up breaking it off eventually. This was something that I’ve never seen in media. Abusive relationships exist, and not only between men and women. It’s absolutely terrible to see a character in this situation, but I feel it was an important message to send.


Boy angrily stomping away is Ben

Another is how people view Charlie’s sexuality. It’s established that he’s very open about being gay, and even his family has known for quite some time. Though most kids at his school did not like this fact. He attends an all boys school, so some kids say that he should have expected being bullied for it. Obviously not fair to him. He was incredibly brave to say this to his peers, and all he got was rude comments and someone who abused him. The news had spread incredibly quickly, and suddenly his whole grade knew and most mocked him. This was very real, and hurt to read. I haven’t been in this situation, but I have been somewhat one of those kids. In eighth grade, my friend told me she was bisexual, and for some stupid reason, I wanted to avoid her. I thought that she would be interested in me, and it made me uncomfortable for a while. I decided it didn’t matter later on, but I regret thinking like that. I see where these kids were thinking, but it doesn’t make it right in the slightest.

Also, when Charlie joins the rugby team, many of the other members of the team ridicule his abilities due to his being gay. They think Nick was stupid to ask Charlie to join the team because they feel he’ll slow them down.


On to some more lighthearted themes, let’s focus on Nick for a bit. Well, not really lighthearted, but more so than the previous two. When he and Charlie become friends, and hang out often, Charlie develops feelings for him. He tells his friend, who immediately tells him there’s no hope in crushing on a straight guy. Charlie, being quite pessimistic, takes the comment hard, and almost gives up right then and there. Meanwhile, Nick begins struggling with his own feelings. He lived his life never really considering liking someone who wasn’t a girl, so when he does begin to like Charlie, his head gets a bit muddled. He ends up questioning his sexuality for quite some time.


I can’t explain much more than this, since things change at the part I’m at. I know I went a bit more in depth with this one, but as I said before I became a bit obsessed with the comic and am passionate about what is shown in it. If you go read it on Tapas, you’ll get the first two chapters, and the very beginning of chapter three. Though that doesn’t seem like much, each chapter is roughly 100 pages.

Overall, I’m completely obsessed with this comic, and I think you should go check it out. There’s equal amounts rough topics and pure, cute moments. Though, if you’re not cool with a lot of swearing, I’ll say there is quite a bit. I understand that in America, where I live, things are censored much more than in England, where the author is from.

Here’s the link to the first chapter on Tapas.


Under the Aegis


This comic is available on Webtoon, and was created by Vimeddiee. I became a bit obsessed with this one as well, and read all of it in about a week. There are 85 chapters, none of them very short, and it all goes pretty in depth with the story.

I didn’t expect this one to have much involvement in the LGBT+ community, since it’s a futuristic fantasy. But the involvement it has is nice to see. It’s not the main focus, but it’s a sweet addition.

The characters we see are the six wielders of weapons that have been passed down generation after generation. There should be seven of them, but the last one is of a race that has been targeted for years and is unable to meet with the others immediately. Their mission in the beginning is to find their final member to fulfill their duty as wielders.

There is so much more to this story, but this is the briefest way I can explain without spoiling. All of the members are of different races, which make for an interesting combination. Some races have been known to hate each other for years and years, but when forced to get along, friendship blossoms.

I expected this to have much more action in it, but there really isn’t much. I’d say like 80% is just the wielders being buddies and hanging out, or researching on how to find their final member. It doesn’t seem interesting, but somehow the author did a great job of keeping me engaged. Things don’t get very intense until about five chapters before the end.

On to the representation: there are two cases of gay relationships, one lesbian, and one character is asexual. So that’s how it made it on the list. I don’t really want to name names on who is what, because I feel that defeats the surprise. So, go read it now and you’ll know.

Also, I couldn’t find any full pages on the creator’s tumblr and I didn’t want to screenshot from Webtoon, so all I have is one of the covers, I’m sorry. I searched at the last minute and couldn’t find a darn thing.


Anyway, here’s the link to this comic.

**Weird Announcement, Kind of**

So, with the end of this post comes something that I want to say. It’s really no big deal, but something I’ve been thinking about for the past few months. And, after looking into it a lot, I’ve decided that it is true. I realized that I identify as asexual, or aromantic, I’m not entirely sure which. In my 17 years of life, there has not once been a time I was truly interested in being romantically involved with another person. Sure, I had silly crushes

my flag

Asexual Flag

here and there, but it didn’t go past wanting to hang out a lot. I’ve had a lot of people say that it’s sad that I’ve never dated anyone, but I just tell them that I’m okay with it. I haven’t told anyone I know besides my brothers, and they don’t really care. None of my friends know, but they are aware of my anti-dating ways. I just don’t know if they’re aware that there’s a name for it or that it is sometimes part of the LGBT+ community.


There’s that. Not a big deal. I haven’t had anyone give me a real hard time. Just the typical “Oh, you’ll find that special someone” or “You’ll feel different when you’re older” and I just bob my head and go along with it. I may be wrong about this, considering how young I am, but right now at least, I feel it’s right.

I guess that was my “coming out” or whatever.

So, after that little tidbit of personal information, I hope you enjoyed this weird post. I’m thinking that maybe after I’ve read some other comics related to this topic that are on my “to-read” list, I could do a second post like this, if you’re interested.

I know it’s also late, sorry. I started college classes (I go to something called a middle college, where I take all classes on a college campus, but some are high school and some are college classes) recently, so I’ve been more focused on that. It’s hard to get adjusted to a new schedule all over again. Hope you guys understand, as I am human.

Also this is WAY longer than I intended, so I’m sorry if I bored you, haha. Nearly 2,500 words, jeez. I usually try to keep my posts around 1,000, but there are some I just have more I want to say.

See you next week, where I’ll be talking about the topic of “treasure” as a part of the OWLS blog tour. I’m excited to share what I’ve been working on with that!

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All images, besides the Under the Aegis cover, were directly from the creators’ tumblrs, I do not own these photos, all credits go to the artists.

Always Human: alwayshumancomic.tumblr.com

Heartstopper: heartstoppercomic.tumblr.com


Top 10 Male Anime Characters

I did a top 10 of female characters a while back with the full intention of doing this post immediately after, but I guess I forgot about it. Well, here it is now. I’ll have to say this list was much easier to compile than Top 10 Female Anime Characters, for reasons I’m somewhat ashamed of. I’ve realized that when I become attached to a male character, they tend to have one or more of the following traits: short stature, short temper, and blond hair. Which almost every character on this list falls into.

As with many of these lists, this is not in any specific order. I just can’t bring myself to rate these guys at all. I love them all, okay?

I’m gonna try to keep my fangirling to a minimum since all of these characters are ones I love for so many reasons, and one tends to be their, ah, character design.

Yukine (Noragami)


There are many lovable characters in Noragami, but Yukine was the one that I grew fond of. His past is a mystery to everyone, because as a regalia, his memory from his previous life had been wiped. But it’s clear he had a rough past, and since he’s only fourteen, the way he handles things is a bit rash. He tends to go through rebellious phases, which hurt Yato severely, so they have to work together to get Yukine through whatever it is that’s bothering him. He’s far from a perfect character, he has a ton of emotional problems, but isn’t that what makes an interesting character?

Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket)


Kyo is another emotionally unstable one, though he tends to be more consistent with how he feels. I talked a lot about Kyo in my recent OWLS post, which you can read here. But, I probably should explain why I like him so much anyway. He has pretty bad anger issues, due to his zodiac animal. Being the cat means he’s left out of things. He’s ignored, called nasty names, and generally is treated less than human. Really, I feel bad for him. But in the manga, he learns that there are still people who can accept him for who he is, and he should ignore those who don’t. He’s a character who grew in both the anime and manga, and because of that, I love him a lot.

Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri!!! On Ice)


Oh boy, I’m gonna have a hard time staying calm for this one. I’m still so absorbed in this show and it’s been like six months now. But, anyway, of the three main characters, I became the most attached to Yurio. Not because I relate to him, really, but more just he kinda impresses me. His skill is insane for his age, and his determination is so intense, it’s hard to not admire. I’m only two years older than him and I feel I’ve done nothing with my time when watching what he can do. I shouldn’t be comparing myself to an anime character, I know that. He’s just so impressive.

Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club)


And now this idiot. Gosh, I became obsessed with this show three years ago and I still bring myself back to this character. He seems like just a pretty face on the surface, but his heart is so kind. He’s so open to everybody, it doesn’t matter who you are. He flirted with Haruhi, whom he thought was a guy for one thing, and knew was poor. But he still felt he was obligated to make her happy in any way he could. He was open to learning about the way people like Haruhi lived, which is not something most rich people do. Tamaki honestly is someone who people should strive to be like: open-minded and accepting of all people.

Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

edward elcris

Ah yes, another angry short blond. Well, more of the original angry short blond but anyway. I know you’ve all probably seen a million things about Ed considering how popular this show is and how long it’s been around, but again, I just kind of attached myself to him. I even have a hoodie that looks like his coat. I don’t think I need to go into detail about him here.

Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)


And the cute little hero that has stolen all of our hearts. This show shocked me so much, since it looked like a lame shonen, but in reality is such a beautiful story about believing in yourself. Izuku is honestly so determined and open-minded that he can set his mind to something and never lose sight of it. When the kids bullied him for not having powers, he showed them that even people without powers can be heroes too. He’s such an inspirational character, showing that even people who do not fit into the norm can do amazing, honorable things. We all could learn a thing or two from him.

Shoya Ishida (A Silent Voice)


Now, I didn’t really think about adding him initially, but I’ve been rereading the manga so I can watch the movie and compare. And I realized how amazing Shoya is. Yes, he was a terrible bully and did some awful things, but he has learned from those mistakes. Every time someone brings it up again, he regrets it all over again. He’s the definition of a troubled character. He was close to giving up everything, but continued on and began fixing all of the wrongs he did. It’s a common saying that either “people change” or “people never change.” This manga/movie show both, and Shoya proves that when you are conscious of your problems, you really can change.

Soul Evans (Soul Eater)


This seems like an obvious choice, considering my clear love of Soul Eater. Now, at first I wasn’t sure if I should put Soul or Death the Kid on here, but it seems like Soul tends to not get enough love. So, here’s Soul. I never realized how great of a character he was until I began making my Maka cosplay last year and was watching the show to get references. Soul is the greatest partner Maka could ever ask for. He is so willing to take the punches she would be taking if he weren’t there to protect her. Though she never seems grateful for the protection he provides, he knows that it’s what he should do, so he does it without question. He looks out for her, as any good friend and partner should.

Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom)

Nagisa yeh

Were you expecting Karma? I know he’s the fan favorite, and don’t get me wrong I love him too, but Nagisa beats him by a little bit. Kinda because of the whole thing where I like short characters. But there’s more than just physical appearance, I’m not that shallow. I’ve noticed many people think Nagisa is a flat, boring character, which I can see, and you’re entitled to think whatever you want. But really, I think he learned a lot by the end of the show. He began having no self-confidence whatsoever, being stuck in the class of delinquents and slackers. But by learning his abilities with the help of Koro-sensei, he finally sees his potential. A bit of a spoiler, but it’s not all that big, he ends up pursuing a teaching career. Nobody with a lack of self-confidence would be able to do this. He knows his skills enough to improve on them until he can teach others. Kind of ranted about this one, but as someone who wants to teach as well, this character hits a bit close to home.

Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)


I’ve never actually watched this anime, but I’m on the eighth manga, and I don’t know if I’m just not far enough yet, but I prefer Kaneki with his black hair. Is this just me? I had to search “Kaneki black hair” to get this picture because there was only the white hair. Okay, enough about that. I really can’t say a ton about him, considering I’m on roughly episode two of season two. I’ve got a bit to go, so I’m unsure of everything that happens. But I just, accidentally, grew attached to him. Which I kind of wish I hadn’t because geez, my feelings were hurt reading the manga. He’s so sweet, why would you hurt him? And he’s adorable too.


I hope you all enjoyed this list, it was fun to put together. I feel I went a bit more in depth in this one than in my female character one, and I’m not sure why. I expected to talk a lot about how cute all of these guys are, which is true, but I delved a bit deeper.

I love doing these character posts, and I can promise more in the future.

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Top 5 Studio Ghibli Films

Top 5 Studio Ghibli Films

Ah, the wonderful, mystical, world of Studio Ghibli.  Though most watch these movies for nostalgic purposes, I only began watching these last year, and I quickly realized how amazing they are. I’ve even watched enough to give a top five list!

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Top 5 Comedy Animes

Top 5 Comedy Animes

*Sorry this one was late, I was super busy yesterday and didn’t have the time to write this*

Comedy!  One of my favorite genres.  Almost everyone can appreciate a comedy show, since there are just so many of them, there’s one for everybody.

Personally, when watching a serious anime, I like to watch a comedy anime as well, to balance things out.  I can guess that I’m not the only one.

As the last list went, I’ll present my list, then write a bit about each.  Enjoy!

I’m not going to put these in a specific order this time, I’m unbiased to these for the most part.

  1. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  2. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
  3. School Rumble
  4. Assassination Classroom (Season 1 mainly)
  5. Lovely Complex

For the most part, these are romance as well as comedy, since most of the time, they pair well together.

(Also notice Ouran is not on this list.  I don’t want to talk about it too much, and I have a special post coming up about it.  You’ll see why when it comes out.)

  1. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

(Left to Right) Itzuki Koizumi, Yuki Nagato, Kyon, Haruhi Suzumiya, and Mikuru Asahina

This show follows Kyon, as he enters his first year of high school.  On his first day, he’s introduced to Haruhi Suzumiya, a strange girl who is only interested in the supernatural.  He tries talking to her, and ends up involved in the SOS Brigade, a club designed to find supernatural beings.  They recruit Itzuki Koizumi, Yuki Nagato, and Mikuru Asahina to have a total of five members of the SOS Brigade.

Through the show, Haruhi gets he club into multiple situations of trouble, and they must get themselves out of it.  All of the members beside Kyon and Haruhi possess some sort of power, but Haruhi is oblivious to it.

The personalities among the club makes for quite an interesting experience.  Haruhi is bossy, outgoing, and independent.  Kyon is passive and pessimistic.  Yuki is soft-spoken, a bibliophile, and intellectual.  Itzuki is polite and friendly.  Mikuru is shy and reserved.  Clearly, their personalities are very different, making them clash often.  There’s no real hatred in the group, but Kyon and Haruhi tend to bicker often.

2. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun


(Left to Right) Hori, Kashima, Sakura, Nozaki, Mikoto, Seo, Wakamatsu

The only way I can describe this as is an anti-shoujo.  Any time I tell anyone about it, that’s what I tell them.

Sakura has a crush on Nozaki, she confesses to him, but to her surprise, she receives an autograph instead of an answer.  Why?  She finds out the serious, reserved guy she has a crush on writes shoujo manga as a hobby.  She ends up helping him out by inking the sketches he does.  Through this, she tries to get closer to him.

Though that is the main concept, it’s not really focused on.  This show has no plot, is what I’m getting at.  But I laughed so hard my stomach hurt during every single episode.

As for the other characters: Hori is in the drama club, making backgrounds for their plays.  He’s insecure about his short stature, and deals with Kashima clinging to him when she has the time.  He acts annoyed by her bothering him, but he still is fond of her.  Kashima is the main star in the drama, popular with the girls for playing princely characters.  Though they are all aware she is a girl, they still act as though she is a prince.

Seo is a basketball star, and also has an angelic singing voice.  Though violent by nature, she is part of the choir club and is loved by the whole school.  Wakamatsu is drawn to her voice, but has no idea it’s her.  She still hangs around him, and he’s terrified of her.

Mikoto, well, he’s a bit weird to explain.  He’s very suave and good and flirting with girls, but once he’s realized what he’s said, he breaks down.  And he is the influence to the main female character in Nozaki’s manga.

Through the show, there are many references to cliche shoujo themes, and they never work for any of the characters.

3. School Rumble


Another somewhat romance comedy.  Kind of.  Again, nothing really works for any of them.

Tenma Tsukamoto has a crush on Oji Karasuma, and plans to confess to him. (yes it’s another one of these, just hear me out)  She has a hard time figuring this out but finally writes a letter (a quite lengthy one at that).  He reads it, but completely disregards it.  He has no interest in her, only his curry.  (Also he likes to wear turtle costumes so yeah he’s kinda weird)

Kenji Harima is a delinquent who’s repeated some grades a couple times.  (He’s like 20 something) He likes Tenma, making an unfortunate love triangle.  He tries to separate Tenma and Oji, and confess his love to her but, it fails every time.

Kenji is also a manga artist, and Tenma’s sister, Yakumo, ends up helping him out with it.  He ends up having some romantic problems with her and one of Tenma’s friends, Eri.  I’ll leave it to that, since it’s a bit more complicated, and I’d like to prevent spoilers.

Also, I’d like to point out that the dubbing for this show is amazing.  Tenma is played by Luci Christian, Oji played by Eric Vale, Yakumo played by Caitlin Glass, and Kenji played by Brandon Potter.  If you’re into dubbed anime, I highly recommend watching it that way.  Also, season 2’s ending is a duet sung by Luci Christian and Caitlin Glass.

If you aren’t into dubbed shows, then none of that made sense to you, and that’s fine.

4. Assassination Classroom


Yes, I’ve already talked about this show.  But don’t expect me to stop talking about it for months.  I’m in love with this show right now.  If you don’t know what this show is about go read my summary in My Top 5 Animes.

You’ve read it?  Alright, we can continue, I have a little more to say about the comedy in this show.

Looking at the title alone, you’d never think “comedy.”  You’d think it’s about a bunch of hardcore, violent, scary people learning to kill other people.  Wrong.  This show is bright and colorful, with a wide variety of characters, and only gets dark in the end of the first season and second half of the second season.  It’s hilarious.  I’ve had to pause the show just to laugh so I didn’t miss anything.

Even knowing that they have to kill their teacher, you’d never think of comedy being associated with this show.  The class likes to come up with creative ways they plan to kill their teacher, and some of them are quite out-there.  And some of the things they do together are entertaining.

Basically, I don’t care who you are, watch this show.  It has comedy, action, school life, sad backstories, a tiny bit of romance (seriously, it’s almost nothing), it’s perfect.  I went in the show not knowing a whole lot, and concerned that a main character was a giant yellow octopus employed as a teacher.  But, as I began watching it, I began liking it more and more.  By the end of the first season, I loved it.

Though I’m talking about a lot of non-comedy things, trust me, there’s plenty of it.  The second season is much more serious, but it stays light-hearted  as much as it can.

5. Lovely Complex



Alright, here’s the last one.  This is definitely romantic-comedy, though not until about half-way through the show.

This show is about Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Otani (I’ll refer to him as Otani).  Risa is tall-172 centimeters (about 5ft 8in), much taller than the average Japanese girl.  Otani is short-156 centimeters (about 5ft 1in), much shorter than the average Japanese guy.

Because of their height complexes, they are given the nickname “All Hanshin Kyojin” after a popular comedy duo.  Though they argue often, they quickly become friends after bonding over a favorite band.

Though I’ve watched many different romantic-comedy shows, this one stands out to me.  I loved it the moment I finished the first episode.  This is another one where I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.  I had to silence my laughter since I watched this at 1 am while everyone else was asleep.

For anyone not fond of the romance genre, don’t be too worried.  It isn’t so heavy on romance, and comedy is its main focus.

Alright, that’s my list.  I hope you enjoyed it.  This is based on the animes that I’ve seen, so if there are any comedy shows that didn’t make it on the list, comment and tell me.  I may or may not have watched it.  I’d say I’ve watched about 10 comedy shows, that’s just a rough estimate.  Clearly not all made it here.

Thank you for reading and I’m very sorry I was late.  I might not post until Tuesday, to give me time to plan and write up the next, but I’ll try to post as soon as I can.  And Friday’s won’t be up until about 11 pm (I live in the Eastern Time Zone in the United States).


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