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30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Sixteen & Seventeen — 12/17/2017

30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Sixteen & Seventeen


So, I feel kinda bad I didn’t end up posting yesterday for this, but I was not feeling up to writing. I had stuff I was doing and then I played a game with a friend, and then I had to finish up my other post, so but the time I was going to sit down and do it, I was just too tired to do it.

I’m making up for it by answering both day 16 and 17’s prompts today.

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[OWLS Blog Tour: Warmth] Those Idiots Mean the World to Her (OHSHC) — 12/08/2017

[OWLS Blog Tour: Warmth] Those Idiots Mean the World to Her (OHSHC)

Ever since I joined OWLS, I’ve been waiting for the right topic to talk about Ouran High School Host Club. It’s the anime I hold the closest to my heart. It was the first one I ever completed, and I’ve watched every episode so many times, I practically have it memorized. But it never gets old to me.

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A Silent Voice: Movie or Manga? — 11/03/2017

A Silent Voice: Movie or Manga?

I had the pleasure of seeing the A Silent Voice movie at a theater near my house on October 23rd. Now, I’ve read the manga twice, and I’ve written two posts based around the manga. Is it surprising you there’s a third post now?

The question here is whether the movie or manga experience is better. So, here’s my opinion on that. If you don’t know anything about A Silent Voice, I’d suggest you read my first post on it, where I describe the premise of the story.

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[OWLS Blog Tour: Treasure] Accepting Yourself Is Not Easy (A Silent Voice) — 09/08/2017

[OWLS Blog Tour: Treasure] Accepting Yourself Is Not Easy (A Silent Voice)

Hello! I’m back for another OWLS blog tour! This month, we’re covering the topic of depression, suicide, and other mental illnesses, so if that’s something that bothers you, be wary. I will be discussing how the characters in this manga grew past it, but I also discuss the dark reality of the things they faced. The topic is “Treasures,” talking about the people in our lives that tell us we are worth something, and that we are something to be treasured.

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Black Butler Season One: Review — 06/19/2017

Black Butler Season One: Review

I’m a little late on this anime, I know. I just finished it a bit ago, and overall, I enjoyed it. I only began watching it because I had met Sebastian’s English voice actor at Youmacon last November. For some reason, I felt obligated to watch the show he is most known for, and I don’t regret my choice. In fact, I just got the DVD of season one in the mail a couple weeks ago. And I got to see Book of the Atlantic last week which was super weird and awesome.

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My Favorite Anime Couples — 02/14/2017

My Favorite Anime Couples

I figured that in honor of Valentine’s Day I would share some of my favorite pairings in anime. I understand that this is a somewhat touchy subject for some, if their favorite isn’t on here, or if I ship a character with someone different that what they feel. But I knew I would talk about it at some point, so why not now? Understand that I will not make fun of any person’s pairing preferences, as long as I don’t get any nasty comments. Thank you, we are all fans of the same fanbase. Be nice! ūüôā Continue reading

My Thoughts On: Tokyo Ghoul Manga — 11/28/2016

My Thoughts On: Tokyo Ghoul Manga

I’m a scaredy cat, I will admit. ¬†I don’t like horror. ¬†I can’t stand the thought of intentionally being scared. ¬†So, why would I try to read a manga that literally has “horror” as the genre on the back? ¬†My best friend of about twelve years loves it, and yeah, she can handle a whole lot more than I can. ¬†But I was reading it over her shoulder one day, and I decided to give it a try. ¬†As of now, I’m on the 42nd chapter, in Volume 5. ¬†This would be nearing the end of season one, I believe. ¬†And before you ask, no, I don’t plan on watching the anime. ¬†I’ve decided that I can handle black and white still drawings better than colored animations.

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Review: Fruits Basket — 09/30/2016

Review: Fruits Basket

I am genuinely sorry about the long, long wait. ¬†I started working last Wednesday, and everything has been hectic since then. ¬†I may need to cut the updates down to either once a week or once every other week just because of how busy I am and my lack of time. ¬†But hopefully, I’ll have a cool post next week, since over the weekend I’m cosplaying at my local convention.

Just so you are aware, I’m writing this on a time limit. ¬†I have about 45 minutes to complete this before I leave school and then I have a ton of stuff to do at home.

So, let’s see how this goes.

I chose to talk about this anime in particular because I have memories about it.  About 4 years ago, my friends came over to my house for a sleepover.  My friend had just started watching anime, and she knew one that we would enjoy watching.  It was on Netflix at the time, and I was kind of wary, since my parents had no idea that we would be watching anime.

But, we watched about three episodes and then my mom came in the room.  She watched

Yuki Sohma

an entire episode with us and determined that whoever thought of it was high. ¬†(She still thinks this and I don’t understand why) ¬†Anyway, my dad also came upstairs and his literal words were, “Is this a ‘pretty boy’ anime?” ¬†For those of you who don’t know the characters, Yuki was the one on screen, and here’s what he looks like. ¬†It was a pretty safe guess on my dad’s part.

During that night we watched eight episodes.  And in the morning, we watched more and my brothers were in the room.  They loved it.  At the time, they were probably about 7 and 9 years old.

Not only was this show one of my first animes, but I have a very vivid memory of when I first watched it.

Onto the actually show itself, not my sentimental memories of it.

This show aired in Japan in 2001, and is now considered a classic according to Funimation’s website. ¬†It’s very likely that you’ve never heard of it, I probably never would have if it weren’t for that day 4 years ago.

Screenshot I took

At this point, I’ve watched every episode around three times, and I’ve read the manga all the way through once, along with reading some chapters multiple times.

Now, you may be asking why I didn’t put this on my My Top 5 Animes¬†list, but I did that based on how often I revisit that show. ¬†I also thought of putting this on my¬†Top 5 Comedy Animes¬†list, but I think there’s a better list for this show.

The show is very funny, but it’s probably equally sad, and character driven.

I’ll give a basic summary, since I’m sure some of you have never seen this show or even heard of it. ¬†But at the time I’m writing this, I have about 15 minutes to complete this post.

Tohru Honda (the girl in the photo), was recently orphaned when her mom died in a car accident.  Since then, she lived with her grandfather, until the house needed work done on it.  She began living in a tent in the woods by herself.  One day, she found a house and was greeted by Yuki Sohma, the prince of her high school.  They walked to school, and she began to talk to him.  Later, as she emerged from her tent, him and his cousin find her and offer to let her stay at their house.  She starts living with them and finds out that their family has a curse placed on them.  She has to swear to never tell anyone else about this, since they are all ashamed by it.

As she lives with them for longer, she meets more members of the Sohma family and she discovers how strange of a family they are, not just because of their curse.

I know this doesn’t give a whole lot of information, but I don’t want to spoil much. ¬†I’d rather you be surprised by what the curse is and everything, though by looking at the banner photo, you might be able to figure it out.

Oh, before I leave this, there’s a new manga the author started recently that picks up probably about 20 years after the manga completed. ¬†Though, don’t read it if you haven’t read the manga, you’d be helplessly lost, there are a lot of new characters in the manga that aren’t in show.

The manga is Fruits Basket: Another, written by Natsuki Takaya, same mangaka as the

Fruits Basket: Another cover

original Fruits Basket. ¬†I’ve only read the first eight chapters but it’s decent, and makes me pretty happy since I loved the manga more than the show. ¬†I shouldn’t say much more, since even the premise kind of spoils the original manga. ¬†Anyway, just read the original, then the new series. ¬†It’s all great, hope you enjoy it.

I’ve got about 5 minutes now, so I’ll update my new post asap, and I hope you enjoy this one. ¬†Sorry about the entirely too long wait, I promise I’ll say if stuff changes. ¬†For now, enjoy what I’ve put up. ¬†Next post should be cool. ¬†It’ll include pictures of my cosplay making process, plus hopefully some of my full cosplay. ¬†Bye!

*I’m cosplaying as Maka Albarn from Soul Eater in case you didn’t know. :)*

Best Manga I’ve Ever Read — 09/12/2016

Best Manga I’ve Ever Read

Hello! ¬†I’m starting to get the hang of this, so I have an idea of a schedule now. ¬†Notice, I posted this on a Monday. ¬†Last week it was Sunday, but I’ve decided that Mondays and Fridays will be my update days. ¬†This may change depending on school, homework, and if I get the job I’ve applied to. ¬†I’ll be updating on off-days if anything changes, but I promise I’ll give content to you.

That was just an update for you guys so you aren’t left in the dark about scheduling.

So, I know that this isn’t anime, but I’ll probably be talking about manga a lot as well. ¬†And I seriously need to tell you guys about this manga if you’ve never heard of it, it’s insanely powerful.koe-no-katachi-2

The Japanese title is Koe no Katachi, which translates into A Silent Voice. ¬†You can probably guess what it’s about just by the title. ¬†A deaf person. ¬†Which is correct, but it’s so much more than just that. ¬†The deaf person isn’t even the main character.

This is Shoya Ishida, a third-year in high school.  When he and the deaf person, Shoko Nishimiya, were in elementary school, he bullied her.  At first, it was the whole class picking on her for being different than everyone.  As time went on, the rest of the class stopped and he was tshoyahe only one left picking on her.  Nobody liked him anymore.  He had a group of friends, but they abandoned him.

Shoko never hated him exactly, despite what he did to her.  She tried to be friends with him, but he declined harshly.  He stole her hearing aids and smashed them, causing about $14,000 in damage.  He threw the notebook she spoke with into a fountain.  He threatened her multiple times and started a fight with her.  But yet, she never wanted to bully him in any way.  She helped him when all of his friends began targeting him instead.

Eventually, her mother forced her to transfer¬†to get away from the bullying. ¬†And Shoya became the target. ¬†He realized how horribly he treated her for something she couldn’t help, and endured all of the bullying. ¬†He didn’t have any friends for five years after she transferred.

When the story comes to the present, he is still regretting everything he did to her.  He finds out that she comes to a bridge every Tuesday to feed the fish, and shokohe plans to come to her and apologize for it all, then leave and kill himself.  Fortunately, things go better than he plans and he becomes friends with her.

The story after this is him learning how to be friends with her and slowly gains more people he can trust. ¬†There are multiple bumps in the road and he says rash things to his friends. ¬†His friends aren’t exactly accepting of Shoko, so that’s another problem that appears multiple times throughout the story. ¬†There is one girl in particular that I never liked but was accepted in the group anyway. ¬†She really didn’t like either Shoya or Shoko at any point, and attacks Shoko at one point. ¬†She’s one of my least favorite characters ever.

Basically, the story is amazing. ¬†It’s quite realistic and sad at a lot of times. ¬†Seeing the two main characters gain friendship is the most amazing¬†thing, since the¬†beginning was rough. ¬†It’s definitely a feels-filled manga, I cried probably three or four times. ¬†And like I’ve said, it’s very realistic, so if that’s not your thing, you don’t need to read it. ¬†But I seriously recommend it to everyone. ¬†You need to experience it.

Bullying is such a huge problem. ¬†And people with disabilities are very common, and I feel they don’t get treated the way they should. ¬†Shoko represents every kind person who has a hard time making friends. ¬†She reminds me of my brother a lot. ¬†He shows extreme kindness to absolutely everyone, but for some reason most people brush him off and ignore him. ¬†He doesn’t have any disabilities, but normal people experience the same thing. ¬†And some people with disabilities don’t have this problem.

So please, give it a chance, and if you’ve already read it, please¬†tell me about your experience with it.

For those of you who don’t exactly like reading mangas, good news for you. ¬†The movie version of the manga series is coming out on September 17, this year. ¬†In only five days. ¬†I don’t know where you could watch it, but if you get the chance, please watch it or even read it. ¬†I know I’ll be searching for the subbed movie when it comes out.

For the pictures I used, the banner was the first cover for the manga, featuring them as elementary schoolers, and the others were from the new movie coming out. ¬†I’ll put a panel from the the second manga down below.

That’s all I have for today. ¬†If you want to tell me how you felt about the manga or if you have any other feedback, I’d love to hear about it.

Chapter 6


I’ll probably post on Friday, to give me enough time for school, homework, and deciding on my next topic. ¬†This will probably be the set schedule, but like I said, it may change, and I’ll tell you if it does.


Koe no Katachi was written by Yoshitoki Oima and the movie is done by Kyoto Animation.

Pictures in order:

Banner: capsulecomputers.com.au

Movie poster: otakutale.com

Both character profiles: myanimelist.com

Manga page: moonlightmanga.files.wordpress.com