30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Ten


I was very close to forgetting to do this, but luckily it dawned on me that I still needed to do this today. I’m pushing to actually make it every day! And I’ve made it a third of the way through, so it’s looking good for me.

I have to twist this prompt quite a bit:

Favorite Fighter Anime

When I saw today’s prompt I was like “So what the heck counts as a fighter anime” and I looked it up. And I determined that I’ve probably never watched a fighter anime. But I knew I still had to do today’s post, so I decided to do this prompt instead.

Anime with the Best Fight Scenes

Because I can actually answer this. And my answer is Noragami. I freaking love every fight scene in that show. Sure, there are plenty of other shounens I’ve watched that have amazing fight scenes, but this one stands out a lot to me. Mainly it’s the music, and the difference of the colors between the regalia and the god’s perspective, and the fluidity of everything.


This anime has always kind of stuck in my mind, and I think this is the main reason why. I generally end up getting lost during fight scenes, but these intrigued me a lot. Plus I’m in love with Noragami’s animation style (like every anime that BONES has done).

I’m going to stop writing now, as I have a headache and a final paper due tomorrow that I need to work on, but I will be back tomorrow with Day Eleven’s post. Another one where I know I’ll have to twist it, but I am excited about it still.

Yesterday’s post: Day Nine

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30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Nine


Hello again! It’s been so strange for me to post every day, but it makes me feel productive, so that’s cool. I don’t regret doing this challenge at all. I know that the 12 days of anime challenge is going on now too and people seem to be stressing over that. I thought this would be hard, but it’s not too bad at all.

Today’s prompt:

Your Favorite Anime Villain

My mind immediately goes to Soul Eater when given this prompt. I’ve always thought the bad guys in that show were cool. And even though they are the villains, I had some sort of respect for how well thought out their plans were.


In this, I specifically think of Medusa. She’s incredibly dedicated to her cause. She’s smart, and she has everything planned out, every person working for her having a specific job to complete her final plan. And she’s hard to defeat. Even their teacher couldn’t defeat her fully. And even when they do, there are plenty of other people who are for Medusa’s cause, and they come at the DWMA kids with full force. It’s terrifying.

Most people when posed this question would choose a villain who’s really strong, or large, or intimidating in brawn. But Medusa’s wits are what makes her one of the most terrifying villains. She’s sneaky, and thinks everything through. She doesn’t make last-minute decisions.


This one was short, I’m sorry. I’m writing this before I go to work, and I didn’t want to post it after since it’d be like 9:30 pm my time when I’d get it complete.

Yesterday’s post: Day Eight

30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Eight


Wow, this week has been a lot for me. But I’ve done everything I wanted to do, and I’m pretty proud of that.

Today’s prompt is

Your Favorite Anime Couple

Now, hold on, there’s no way I’d be able to pick one single couple to be my favorite. And would we be talking only canon or just any pairing I like?

So, again, I’m going to bend this a bit. And I’m not picking just one, alright? I’m going to pick a few canon and a few non-canon that I like to make it easier on me. I’ve gained at least ten ships I love to pieces within the last couple months so this is very hard for me to pick favorites. And before I start listing, I’ll just say that this is my own personal opinion, and if you don’t like the ones I’ve chosen, that’s totally cool. I’m very easy-going when it comes to this topic, as long as you don’t push anything on me, I’ll be very respectful of your opinion as well.


(I realized while writing this part that like the only shows that contain canon couples are romantic shoujos and I haven’t watched those in forever, so here we are)

Victor & Yuri (Yuri!!! on Ice)


Hmm, you probably could see that coming. And I know people still argue that it’s not canon, but I could make a powerpoint presentation to prove how that’s wrong. Honestly, every time I see fanart of these two my heart swells and it just makes me so happy. I could rant for hours about how much I love these two.

Zen & Shirayuki (Snow White with the Red Hair)


I almost forgot about these two, but they’re just so sweet. I love this show a lot too, because it only partially focuses on their relationship, so everything else that happens is just as important. Plus there are cool sword fight scenes which is cool. And the progression of their relationship isn’t too slow, but it isn’t too fast either.

Tamaki & Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club)


Before you say anything, they actually are canon in the manga. So, I apologize for spoiling it, but I was at a loss for canon couples I still like a lot. I’ve loved these two for about four years now, and I still think they have one of the best relationships I’ve ever seen, regarding the manga. I won’t go into detail, since I’ve kind of spoiled this already for you, and I want you to go read the manga.


(I have way too many of these, but I’ll narrow it down to just three)

Soul & Maka (Soul Eater)


It still shocks me that this isn’t canon. And I always seem to forget it isn’t. It just seems like it would be so obvious, since Soul’s entire purpose of being Maka’s partner is to look after her and is completely willing to die to protect her. I think it’s beyond the point of “because that’s my job as a weapon” and it’s voluntary now.

Todoroki & Izuku (My Hero Academia)


This ship has been killing me slowly. I started writing a fanfiction about them last week, and I’ve looked at way too much fanart by now. I didn’t even realize I liked it until I saw some fanart on tumblr one day and it just made sense to me once it was shown to me. Before then, I had pretty much no MHA pairings I liked. But this one stuck for some reason.

Oikawa & Iwaizumi (Haikyuu!!)


I couldn’t talk non-canon couples without bringing up Haikyu, it’s not even possible. There are so MANY it’s absolutely ridiculous. And there almost none I hate. But this one is my favorite of all of them. It took me a bit to determine what my top one was, but I think it’s this one.

I’m sorry this one was so long, but it would’ve been even longer if I actually poured out all of my feelings about each pair. I also considered whether half of the pairs should be gay, but I decided why the heck not. So, there.

This was almost as long as a normal post, so I’ll stop here.

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30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Five


I’ve made it five days! That means I’m one-sixth of the way through this challenge. And this prompt is the easiest so far. I actually have a definite answer for it. Unlike the others where I bent the question to my liking.

Today’s prompt:

Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed

The one show I’m somewhat embarrassed I enjoyed it as much as I did was Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts. I think I’ve mentioned it in a different post before, but it’s not a show I mention often. It’s also been a while since I watched it, but I did watch both seasons twice because I liked it so much.


It’s not really that it’s a bad show, it’s just that some of the jokes shouldn’t be as funny as I found them, and there’s more fanservice in it than most shows I watch. Generally, I try to avoid major fanservice when I watch anime, since it’s just not something that I enjoy. And this anime was full of that. But I found it hilarious still?

I don’t think this would really be an anime to be ashamed of for most people, but for me it’s something I look back on and kind of cringe at it. I think I would like it a lot more if it weren’t for the excessive boobs in your face, since the concept is interesting and it had a lot of humorous moments that did not involve body jokes.

So, there’s my answer to that one. This was the easiest so far, honestly. It looks like a majority of the prompts I will have to bend a little bit to answer from here on out though.

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30 Day Anime Challenge! Day Four


I almost forgot to write this post up, as it’s nearly 8 pm as I’m writing this. But I didn’t forget, and I can keep up this challenge. I would have had today’s post ready beforehand, but I was busy this weekend so I only had those two prepared.

Anyway, the prompt.

Favorite Female Character Ever

This one is much easier than the male one. I hate to say it, but I have far more favorite male characters than female characters. And when I write my original stories, my male characters are always my favorite, and I prefer writing in their perspective. Who knows why?

But, I still can’t single one character out. My immediate answers for this are Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club, and Maka Albarn from Soul Eater. Funny thing with this, I’ve cosplayed as both of these characters. I’ve also always liked them. I just think they’re both awesome, and the correct way to write a strong female lead character.


It’s probably not much of a shocker, but I’m a strong fighter for women’s rights, and I’m very conscious about the discrimination women get for various things they do. Also the way they are typically portrayed in media. What I like about both of these characters is that they aren’t there for fanservice of any kind, and they are a crucial part of their stories. Heck, Haruhi doesn’t even care about being a woman or being a man. It’s all the same to her, and that’s something I passionately respect about her character. That’s also something I love about Ouran, but I’ll save the ranting on that for my OWLS post this Friday.

As for Maka, she’s just really cool. And I relate to her a lot. Her passion for getting better at everything she does and showing how good she is at certain acts is similar to how I acted in middle school. I was obsessed with getting perfect grades, and I excelled in every subject. And Maka’s character shows how this can be a good and a bad thing.


So, that was a little bit lengthy of an explanation for this, but I answered the prompt!

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Tomorrow’s post: Day Five

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They Learned it from Somewhere (Anime Teachers)

They Learned it from Somewhere (Anime Teachers)

Anime has given us some of the most well-known heroes in pop culture. But heroes are not born, they must be taught and train to be great. And to be taught great things, they must have great teachers.

I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while, and this week I didn’t have anything to review, so here we are. I really wanted to do this since I actually want to become a teacher in the future, and the teachers in anime are sometimes the best characters who are just overlooked.

I’ll be looking at some specific teachers from anime I’ve watched, all of which I adore.

Izumi Curtis (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Edward Elric is one of the most well-known anime characters, but he didn’t become great on his own. When he and his brother were about ten years old, they studied under a very talented alchemist, Izumi Curtis. She and her husband didn’t flaunt the fact she was an alchemist, and ran a butcher shop instead.

She used some interesting techniques to teach her young pupils. She would combat them as she read off alchemy concepts, until they would be able to take her head-on. She also once left them alone on an island to fend for themselves. She didn’t give them any sort of supplies, just each other and an island of resources. After about a week, they learned that they had to kill animals for food, and how to light a fire with a stick and a rock. After a month they learned the phrase “One for all, and all for one” which is a vital part of alchemy. Despite her strange methods, they learned some of the most important things about the art.

When I originally watched Fullmetal Alchemist, I hardly acknowledged Izumi, but after watching Brotherhood, I realized why she did the things she did. If it weren’t for her, neither Ed or Al would be as powerful as they are. There’s only so much you can learn from dusty old books.

Professor Stein (Soul Eater)


I, like a lot of people, love Stein. Yes, he’s pretty insane. As most people are in this show. If you are familiar with the plot of the show, this can actually be used to his advantage. When the Keishin plot to unleash madness on the world, and he gets infected with the black blood that causes it, he just becomes a little crazier than he was before. And since he already knew he was insane to begin with, he used it to his advantage.

Enough about that, though, on to how he’s a fantastic teacher for the characters of Soul Eater.

It’s clear he knows what he’s doing when it comes to teaching young meisters and weapons. Though he doesn’t seem qualified when he rolls around on a desk chair, knocking himself over in the process. Or his daily dissections the class has to put up with. His unconventional techniques may appear strange and concerning on the surface, but the group of DWMA students end up growing immensely under his teachings. He accompanies them on a few missions, but allows them to be independent in planning their attacks.

Koro-sensei (Assassination Classroom)


This guy is probably the last person you’d want teaching your kids if you just look at him. He looks like an alien, and blew up the Earth’s moon, planning to destroy the world soon after. But yet he’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen.

Yes, he wants to destroy everything, but for some reason, he cares deeply about teaching the kids of 3-E how to survive in this world. It’s almost like he doesn’t want to go through with his plan that badly. With his ability to go at a speed of Mach-20, he can teach every student personally, in the subjects they struggle the most with. All of them improve tremendously on their tests after learning from Koro-sensei, and they feel like they have a real future. Without him, they would remain the failures they thought the were, since they were placed in the dreaded “E” class.

Even more than this, he teaches them life lessons, that follow them throughout their time in the class and even in their future lives.

All Might & Eraserhead (My Hero Academia)


How can I talk about the teachers of heroes without mentioning My Hero Academia? And I could have talked about more than just the two, with the mentoring arc, but I’m going to stick with the big two here.

I was initially only going to talk about Aizawa (Eraserhead), but I figured All Might should be a given considering the first five or so episodes of season one. He’s not a teacher of Class 1-A, but he’s still a vital part of every one of them growing stronger.

So, All Might. He’s pretty cool, right? And only the best hero ever, so there’s something. And he turned little, wimpy Izuku into a pretty strong kid. Both physically and mentally. Izuku had been told endlessly how stupid he was for dreaming of being something great, and though All Might was one of those people at first, he realized quickly how determined Izuku was. He knew that teaching him would not be a mistake, and how right he was. All Might now has total faith in Izuku, and supports him through everything. That dedication is definitely something to admire.

Now, Aizawa had quite a different approach in teaching his group of students. If you’ve seen this show, think back to that first lesson. He put each one of them through tests to determine their power level, and the one who did the worst would be expelled immediately. This was supposed to push them all to do their very best, and prove their power right off the bat. But it also instilled a bit of fear into them as well. Maybe not the best for all of them, but some did exceptionally well under the pressure. And then they saw how he had high expectations of them, so they could strive to impress him.

I think Aizawa seemed brutal at first, but quickly proved himself to be an excellent teacher by pushing his students so they could realize their true power. And the ones who did poorly could see where they needed to improve.


I’m sorry for posting this late, things came up yesterday, and I was busy with personal issues for some of today. Everything will be fine, so don’t worry, I will definitely have next week’s out on time, as it’s my OWLS post.

But, I hope you enjoyed this little list. It’s been something I’ve thought about for a while. And though they seemed like obvious choices, I still wanted to write about it a bit.

See you next week for my tour stop of our October OWLS blog tour, focusing on the theme “Dreamers.” Hope you enjoyed!

(Featured image from Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions)

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My Thoughts On: Haikyuu!! Season 1

My Thoughts On: Haikyuu!! Season 1

If you weren’t aware, I’m not by any means a fan of sports. I can count on one hand the number of sports animes I’ve watched and only half of those I actually enjoyed. But this show, for some reason, is absolutely incredible. I’ve only seen season one, as you can tell by the title, but even when I got maybe five episodes in, I knew I wanted to talk about it as soon as possible.

The way I even started watching this show was my friends over at OWLS are, ah, obsessed with this show. I swear, we can never do anything without the name being spoken. I knew about the series long before this, but had no interest since I kind of don’t like volleyball. I have some bad middle school flashbacks of standing in my spot, watching as everyone else scored all the points. My favorite part was serving, which I was terrible at anyway, and I enjoyed spiking practice but beside that I hated volleyball weeks. So, I’m quite surprised that this show was so good I began to enjoy volleyball. In general, I’m not into sports. As an American, it’s almost assumed I’d be really into football, and most people grow up loving a certain team. Not my family. Every one of us is more worried about comics and the latest Marvel movie than whatever athlete is at the top.

And this would be why I tend to stay away from sports anime. All of the ones I genuinely enjoy have been mentioned on this blog before. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy them if I don’t enjoy sports. This seemed to be the case until Haikyuu!! came around. So, the two previous sports animes I’ve enjoyed are Yuri on Ice (no shocker there) and Prince of Stride. Even with both of those, I was wary. Yuri on Ice I seemed to be able to get into because when I was younger I liked watching figure skating on TV and I was in dance classes through all of my elementary schooling. For those unaware, Prince of Stride is about a variant of track, but with the addition of parkour and small, six person teams thrown into the mix. Though I tried doing cross country when I was in middle school and nearly vomited, I still ended up enjoying this show too. It was unique that it created its own sport. The other animes I’ve tried but failed to get into were Free! and Kuroko no Basuke. I know people will want to have my head for saying that but honestly, I didn’t find myself caring much about the characters winning or losing. I had to force myself to finish season one of Free!, and I could barely get through six episodes of Kuroko. Not saying they’re bad shows, I just couldn’t get into them.

Clearly, I don’t have a positive past when it comes to sport anime. So when I decided I’d start Haikyuu!!, I want to say I sat in front of my laptop for two hours, contemplating if I really wanted to watch it. I didn’t want to hate it and have to explain to people why I didn’t like it. But by the time I finished episode one, I had a feeling this would be a good one. I wanted to watch the next episode so badly. It was the same experience when I watched Yuri on Ice, though I hate comparing the two shows. I love them both, and I think they’re good in different aspects. In all honesty, I think I enjoy Haikyuu!! a bit more, but I couldn’t even tell you why.


Now that my little sports anime rant is over, I’ll get to the actual review.

For those reading who have never watched Haikyuu!!, here’s a little synoposis  for you. You can skip this if you’ve watched it already.

The show begins with a short-statured third-year middle school boy, Shouyo Hinata, watching his idol, nicknamed the “Little Giant.” Seeing someone as short as he is being so successful and respected by the volleyball community inspires him to practice hard and go to a high school with a great volleyball team. Though, the middle school team he is a part of, just kind of sucks. The other boys who make up the team don’t really practice, so Hinata’s on his own to improve. He practices with everyone he can so he can be good enough to make it on a decent team. And in high school, he becomes a part of Karasuno’s volleyball team. The team had been suffering until the new first-years show up, and it gives the team more hope to do well in the coming year.


He’s such a cutie

That’s basically episodes one and two summed up. That’s about it when it comes to a plot. For the rest of the show, it’s mostly just the team improving, facing difficult teams, and trying to win against those teams. Pretty simple.

Though, my absolute favorite part of this show is the chemistry between all of Karasuno’s players. It’s the reason I’ve given my soul to this show. When everyone meets initially, there are players who don’t get along. It’s amazing to see them grow as people and teammates until they can all communicate effectively and do well.

I know what everyone is probably wondering. Who is my favorite? Well, I actually do have an answer, fortunately. I love all of them, but if I do have to choose one, it’d be Suga. I’m not sure why, but he just stuck out to me as soon as he was introduced. By episode three, I determined I loved him the most, and even with all of the characters introduced throughout the season, he remained my favorite. I’m going to say it’s because in my friend group, I’m the most motherly as he is too. Of course there’s more to him that I like, but I’d rather keep this post somewhat short. I’ll get on to the others now.


The others I adore the most are Kageyama, Kenma, Asahi, and Oikawa. So there’s that. I have such a hard time determining my favorites because it’s so easy to like the characters. The way they explain each and every one’s goals and past makes it easy to get attached. It also makes it easy to root for everyone. So when Karasuno doesn’t win I don’t really feel upset. Because the other team deserves to win just as much as they do. It’s such a weird feeling, but I love the fact they were able to make everyone so likable.


This kid, I swear (This is Oikawa for those new)

So, I am in love with this show, and it has pretty much ruined my life now, in a good way. You are definitely going to see more of me talking about this show, though I’m so late watching it. And I’m sorry half of this was just a sports anime rant, I just felt I should explain myself a bit.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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