Youmacon 2017 Cosplay Photos!

Youmacon 2017 Cosplay Photos!

If you follow my Twitter, I’m sure you saw some updates this past weekend on the con I went to in Detroit, Youmacon. It was my fourth year going, but it was the first time I was able to go all three days, since I now have no high school or college on Fridays. And of course, I wanted to cosplay. The first day, I used my Princess Mononoke cosplay, which I’ve posted about before. The other two days, I used the Tobio Kageyama cosplay I just bought a couple weeks ago. And on that Saturday, I found out about a Haikyu!! photoshoot that was happening, which I ended up attending.

So, I’d say half of this post will just be the Haikyu!! photoshoot, which I’ll start with, then I’ll showcase some of the cool cosplays we saw throughout the con.


Here’s my Kageyama cosplay, I was wearing my glasses, but honestly who doesn’t want a Kageyama with glasses. Also, this was Sunday, and my wig decided to actually work with me unlike Saturday, when we had the photoshoot. Of course.


Haikyu Photoshoot

All the Karasuno cosplayers!


This one was a fluke, but everyone just looked so confused. Hinata had just asked me what to do, I asked the other Kageyama, and Hinata asked Suga. And then I guess I threw my hands up. Nobody knew what was happening for pretty much the whole photoshoot.



I can’t remember what the prompt for this one was, but the model pose Suga in the bottom picture is killing me. And the people in the front were Oikawa, Kuroo, and Kiyoko as some sort of AU, not entirely sure what that was about, but they made for some good pictures.


3 out of 4 Nishinoyas, Tanaka, and Akaashi. And yes, that one Nishinoya was probably over six feet tall. Which I thought was absolutely hilarious.

Screenshot (203)

Setter group photo! I swear when one Suga was lying down, I heard them make a comment about being the prettiest setter and I about lost it.


Seijouh photo! Funny thing, that banner came from the Nekoma cosplayers, and it just fit for the picture. They had been going as Seijouh fangirls beforehand, which I never got to see the cosplays for. They ended up not being in many photos because they were putting those costumes on for more pictures with the Seijouh cosplayers.



Nekoma! I think two Kuroos are a bit much for Kenma.



Fukurodani, though it’s more like Bokuto and Akaashi pictures. That bottom one was the only picture I took out of this whole post besides my selfie.


Oikawas and Sugas. I love this picture a lot I’m not sure why.


Oikawas and Kageyamas. This one was a lot of fun, honestly. Again, I had no idea what to do, but I looked over at the other Kageyama, and copied them. Which, at that point, Oikawa wasn’t looking at me, and then turned to see a fist in his face. I felt bad, but at the same time, it was just funny to see his reaction.



Nishinoya and Asahi. If I could’ve gotten a video of this one, that would’ve been better. Nishinoya ran and sprung up, and then Asahi spun him around.




Sugas! I’m not sure what they were doing in the bottom picture, haha. The Sugas were the greatest, sweetest people. The one in the uniform I saw probably five or so times outside of the photoshoot, and when we couldn’t find the other cosplayers, they went off to find them.


The Nishinoyas. Honestly, all three of them were so good at being Nishinoya, it was quite loud over in our little corner while we were taking these pictures.


Me and the other Kageyama! I was so scared to smile for all of the pictures, so my face looks a little weird, whoops. I’m the one on the right, if you couldn’t connect my picture at the beginning to this one. Also, I had to get some of the pictures on here from the other Kageyama’s Instagram, and here’s the link so I don’t get in trouble.


The moms with the children. When someone said the prompt, I slowly inched my way up there, not sure if I qualified as a “child.” But I guess so.


Nishinoyas, Tanaka, and Kiyoko. Again, not sure what Kiyoko is supposed to be.


Of course, we couldn’t do a photoshoot without including some references



That jacket isn’t even mine, some lady gave it to me and told me to pose with the others, so the confusion on my face is entirely genuine, which only made the picture even better. And I’ve decided I need to get one of the jackets if I continue cosplaying as Kageyama, because it was cold at that convention, and my Yuri On Ice jacket doesn’t quite fit for the costume.


“Yamaguchi nice serve!”


So, that’s all of the Haikyu!! pictures I have. That was quite a bit, but it was so much fun to take those pictures that I had to include all of them for you guys to see.

Other Cosplays

Yeah, there’s a lot of pictures. And there were so many more I didn’t include. But, I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the awesome cosplays! I’m not sure when the next con I go to will be, but I hope I can share some more cosplays here then too.

Also, I said I would have another post out earlier this week, but that didn’t happen. I realized how hard it was to review the anime I was focusing on. I think I’ll still post the review later, but not as a standalone post. It ended up being only about 400 words, and all of my posts are at a minimum 800 or 900. So, next week’s post is my OWLS post, and I think I’ll just post the review a few days before or on that Friday, depending on how quickly I can clean it up.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you next week!

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As many of you may know, I’ve been working on a Maka Albarn cosplay for several months.  Well, all of those hours of labor on my costume and prop finally paid off when I went to Detroit’s anime convention: Youmacon.  The convention ran from November 4th through 6th.  I went two of the three days: Saturday and Sunday, which is more than previous years.

This was my third time there, but my first year working on a costume for it.  Last year, I bought my cosplay off Amazon and bought a cheap wig and inexpensive pants and shoes.  While it was fun and all, I really can’t compare it to my experience this year.  Let me tell you, if you want to get the full experience, make your cosplay.  But, please don’t do it last minute if you don’t have the talent of working under pressure, it just won’t turn out.

Besides cosplaying, I got to meet two awesome voice actors in the world of dubbed anime.  I had already met one last year: Vic Mignogna.  He’s pretty cool, if you ever get a chance to see a panel by him or get his autograph, do it.  Even my friend who doesn’t really like dubbed anime gets something out of meeting him.  So, he’s pretty cool, and I also got to meet J. Michael Tatum.  Which, honestly, I had no idea how funny he’d be.  I found both the J. Michael Tatum panel from this year, and the Vic Mignogna panel I went to last year which are posted later in the post.

Oh, and if you’re confused as to who these people are, I’ll give a couple examples of characters they played.

Vic Mignogna: Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club), Spirit Albarn (Soul Eater), and Rin (Free! Eternal Summer)

J. Michael Tatum: Sebastian (Black Butler), Kyoya Ohtori (Ouran High School Host Club), Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Rei (Free! Eternal Summer), and France (Hetalia)

So, yup they were pretty dang cool.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture with J. Michael Tatum, I did get one with Vic Mignogna.

…And of course I got some cool cosplay pictures, which I’ll share with you guys.

But, I really wanted to tell some weird stories.  So, when I first came into the convention center and got into line, not even five minutes later and a different Maka cosplayer came into line behind me, along with Soul and Spirit.  So, immediately, I felt awkward.  Luckily, they didn’t really talk to me, but I got some weird looks from the Spirit cosplayer, and he honestly kind of annoyed me (ironic, I know).  And then, when we got into the place for the registration, there was a squirrel bee-lining for the women’s bathroom.  And, I was updated, that the next day there was a piece of cardboard covering the bottom of the bathroom door.  I am just gonna assume they didn’t get it out.

For the majority of Saturday, nothing really bizarre happened until we got in line disappointed-facefor Tatum’s autographs.  Then, I tried to lean Soul (my scythe) against the wall, and I hit the poor girl in front of me with it.  From that point on, I didn’t lean it anywhere unless there was a corner.  Oh, and then as we were waiting in line, this guy who was probably nearing sixty walked down the hallway with the most disappointed look on his face, and me and my friend about died laughing.  Basically, the guy looked like the disappointment emoji.  And, once we got into the room for autographs, I started sweating so bad, I felt like I was going to pass out.  For one thing, they had us placed in front of gigantic windows, and second, I had two long sleeved clothing items on, one being black.  And then, I was so nervous because I have social anxiety, that the lady helping out with the line had to give me a pep talk.  But she was super cool and liked my cosplay so shoutout to her I guess.

After this, we went to the vendor’s hall, and a very accurate Deadpool cosplayer asked if I wanted to pretend to beat him up for a music video.  So, now I’m in a music video that I don’t know the name of. Yay!  And, after all of this, we went to the Q&A panel with J. Michael Tatum, and I don’t know if I’ve laughed harder in my life.

Here’s the link to that panel:

And here’s the Vic Mignogna Q&A I went to last year (my friend is in the giant Mad Hatter hat)

And that was the end of Saturday’s festivities.  Sunday, phew, that one was even crazier.  And we weren’t even there that long.

So, let’s start here.  When I woke up, I was so exhausted from the previous day, that I almost didn’t get up.  And when I did and I got ready, I forgot it was Daylight’s Savings and I thought I was in the shower for over an hour.  I panicked, and then remembered, but I was still the reason we were leaving later.  And then, we got there, and the people meeting up with us didn’t come until maybe ten minutes before registration opened.  Nothing happened in registration this time, so that’s good.  But, my cosplay, ah, it began to slowly fall apart once we left registration.

First, I was asked to have my picture taken with my friend (who was Scorpion for Mortal Kombat) and we had to pretend to fight.  But, Soul decided that he wanted to break in every place possible and I had to stick the pieces back together with bright orange duct tape.  He held up well enough for the day, but it was still frustrating and I will admit I yelled at this prop I made quite a few times.

The only other major mishap I can think of that happened is when we went to Vic’s autographs.  When we went up there, I was so excited that I took my picture and left before my brother could get his picture.  So, he came over to me and with a very disappointed face told me what happened.  So, guess who had to go back up there and ask Vic personally if my poor brother could get his picture with him because of my stupidity.  Fortunately, he was very understanding and let my brother get his picture.

One thing you need to know about me- I do horribly talking to voice actors.  Last year I almost had Vic spell my name wrong on the autograph because I panicked.  So going up there made my social anxiety flare up like crazy.  But it turned out okay so that was good.

I hope the stories weren’t too boring.  I know I haven’t posted at all this month but I’ve been busy and dealing with some stuff so just be patient.

But anyway, Youmacon was awesome and I’ll put a little slideshow of pictures here at the bottom.

And, anime-wise: I’ve been watching the dubbed ReLIFE recently, and I watched Your Name. at the end of last month, along with some other things, so new stuff will be here soon.  Thank you for dealing with my weird stories and schedules.


Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran High School Host Club, and L from Death Note in the background (this wouldn’t go in the slideshow for some reason)

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